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FTX Founder Agrees to Gag Order Amidst Trial – Calls for Equal Application for All Witnesses

Former FTX CEO, Sam Bankman-Fried, has taken a significant step by accepting a “gag order” to prevent any comments that might interfere with his upcoming trial. The U.S. government accused him of trying to discredit a former business partner and witness, Caroline Ellison, through a New York Times interview. In response, Bankman-Fried’s lawyers, Cohen & Gresser LLP, decided to agree to the gag order’s conditions but are also pushing for its application to all parties and potential witnesses involved in the criminal trial.

A gag order is a legal restriction on sharing information or making public comments with unauthorized third parties. For Bankman-Fried, this means he will no longer be able to publicly discredit government witnesses or share confidential information that could influence the jury pool. While he denies the accusations against him, he willingly accepts the gag order to ensure a fair trial.

However, the lawyers representing Bankman-Fried want the same standards to apply to everyone involved in the case. They argue that the ongoing media attacks against their client since the FTX exchange collapse have created a “toxic media environment.” Among the major culprits is the current CEO of FTX Debtor entities, John J. Ray III, who has consistently attacked and vilified Bankman-Fried in public comments and bankruptcy filings. Consequently, Bankman-Fried has felt compelled to respond to protect his reputation.

The attorneys believe that the U.S. government is applying a double standard, promoting articles that harm Bankman-Fried’s reputation while seeking to silence him. Thus, they insist on extending the same gag order to all involved parties and witnesses, including the government, former FTX employees, FTX Debtor entities, Alameda Research, and others related to the case.

Sam Bankman-Fried pleaded not guilty to a series of fraud charges related to the FTX bankruptcy. His trial is scheduled to begin on October 3, and he hopes that the application of the gag order to all parties will create a fair and unbiased environment for the proceedings.

In conclusion, the acceptance of the gag order by Sam Bankman-Fried marks a significant development ahead of his trial. The move shows his commitment to ensuring a fair legal process while protecting the integrity of the case. However, the call for equal application of the gag order to all parties and witnesses will likely generate further discussions as the trial date approaches. All eyes will be on the court’s decision on this matter and how it will impact the proceedings and the cryptocurrency community at large.


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