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Gal Yosef and Eden Gallery Have Joined Forces To Launch A Much-Awaited NFT Collection

Changing the NFT sector from the inside out necessitates a unique artistic vision. That vision belongs to Gal Yosef, a self-taught artist who works in 3D art and animation. His impending Meta Eagle Club NFT collection isn’t just any collection; it’s backed by Eden Gallery, a prominent art gallery.

Yosef’s Life Story

Gal Yosef has had quite a career for someone who started with little to no experience in 3D art and animation. His ability is now put to use in the creation of nostalgic digital sculptures and lifelike cartoon-style avatars. Yosef has also collaborated with celebrities such as Justin Bieber and DJ Steve Aoki. Sotheby’s debut into the world of NFTs and crypto art was aided by their collaboration with Aoki, as the sale took in $214,000.

That distinct artistic vision has the potential to attract a new audience to non-fungible tokens. Digital art — and its utility – should elicit something in everyone, not just existing crypto users. As a result, the future Meta Eagle Club NFT collection will appeal to a broad audience, both in terms of collectibility and the additional benefits that NFT holders will receive over time. More importantly, the collection enjoys the support of Eden Gallery, a world-renowned art gallery, which adds to Meta Eagles Club’s attraction.

The Meta Eagles Club’s main goal is to provide a setting that combines luxury art and community-building, as well as exclusive physical gallery events and the display of an expanding artistic vision. It’s the first volume of “the Galyverse,” as Yosef coined it. Over time, the artist will add additional collections to this virtual art environment. The following is Gal Yosef’s explanation for why he chose eagles over any other animal or theme:

“I was searching for a character that could help portray a charismatic avatar,”
“but also one that’s warm and inspiring to others.”
” Depicted as a symbol of freedom in so many different cultures,”
” Eagles, out of the entire animal kingdom, also represent the strong and brave-hearted.”
“Working on the wings and feathers allowed me to soar and explore new heights in 3D art.”

Also, Strong collaborations are for a collection that has the potential to usher in a new era of NFTs. Meta Eagle Club will collaborate with Eden Gallery and its cutting-edge NFT studio RNSNC to provide real artwork to avatar owners. Eagle avatar owners will also have access to VIP flights across the world and other aviation-related experiences.

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