July 23, 2024
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Gods Unchained Introduces Innovative “Sealed Mode” Gameplay Format

Gods Unchained has announced a revolutionary gameplay concept known as “Sealed Mode,” which will shake up the world of digital trading card games. This intriguing new feature attempts to level the playing field by allowing players to compete on their abilities rather than the amount or worth of their card collections. On September 13, an official announcement of this game-changing innovation was made via a blog post.

While “sealed deck” tournaments are frequent in traditional paper collectible trading card games like Magic: The Gathering, they have remained uncommon in digital card games. Gods Unchained, a Web3 game pioneer, is poised to upend the current quo.

To enter Sealed Mode, participants must pay a moderate entry price of 15 Gods Unchained ($GODS) tokens, which equates to around $2.65 at the time of publication. Following a purchase, participants are given a thrilling challenge: build a deck from a random selection of three gods and 60 cards taken from several Gods Unchained card sets, such as Etherbots, Mortal Judgement, Winter Wanderlands, and others.

While the card pool is semi-random, it has been rigorously chosen to ensure the viability of building a competitive deck. Each pool has at least 12 cards with a mana cost of three or less, ensuring gaming diversity and strategy.

Players are then challenged to create a 30-card deck from the cards provided without access to their collections. They fight in conflicts until either seven victories or three defeats are obtained. The awards are directly proportional to performance, favoring individuals with outstanding records. Notably, specific exclusive cosmetic awards are only accessible in Sealed Mode and may be claimed by players who have won at least four matches.

What distinguishes Gods Unchained’s “Sealed mode” is its emulation of “sealed deck” or “draft” tournaments, a beloved tradition in physical card games such as Yu-Gi-Oh!, Pokemon, and Magic: The Gathering. These formats have traditionally been inaccessible in digital card games due to the need for card ownership. In the case of Gods Unchained, each card is represented by a nonfungible token that is held on the Immutable X network. This layer-2 Ethereum solution allows players to own their in-game assets truly.

Immutable’s Gods Unchained, a pioneering Web3 video game, continues to push the boundaries of blockchain gaming. Immutable announced earlier this year the creation of the “Passport” wallet application, which streamlines the login process for gamers. Launching the zkEVM testnet in August claimed to address Ethereum’s scalability difficulties, particularly for video game fans.

Finally, including “Sealed Mode” in Gods Unchained is a massive advancement in digital trading card games, fostering a fair and competitive atmosphere that rewards talent over card collection size. Immutable’s revolutionary strategy is reshaping the future of Web3 gaming, paving the way for innovations in the future.