GoFundMe Canceled Tornado Cash Legal Defense Crowdfunding
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GoFundMe Canceled Tornado Cash Legal Defense Crowdfunding

  • The crowdfunding for the Tornado Cash legal defense was canceled by GoFundMe, citing a breach of terms of service. 
  • All contributions made to the fundraiser were returned to the respective donors.
  • Donors switch to crypto after GoFundMe cancels.

Recently, crowdfunding platform GoFundMe has abruptly terminated a fundraiser to finance legal fees for Roman Storm and Alexey Pertsev, co-founders of the cryptocurrency mixer Tornado Cash. 

The move comes after the fundraiser garnered substantial support but was deemed to violate GoFundMe’s terms of service.

GoFundMe Fundraiser Cancellation And Reaction

The fundraiser, initiated by Storm to gather resources for their legal battle against U.S. authorities, was halted by GoFundMe on February 14, citing a breach of its terms of service, particularly “Term 22.” 

This decision has sparked criticism and raised questions about the platform’s consistency in enforcing its policies, especially considering past campaigns of similar nature.

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Several donors, including notable figures like Ryan Adams of Bankless Ventures, found their contributions refunded due to the cancellation. 

Adams, expressing his stance on the matter, emphasized the importance of an “uncensorable money system” and pledged to resend his $10,000 donation directly to Storm using cryptocurrencies.

Despite the setback, Storm and Pertsev have not relented in pursuing financial support for their legal defense. 

They have turned to alternative platforms, notably JuiceBox, where they’ve managed to amass a significant sum, including 316.75 Ether, to aid in their legal battle.

Community Concerns And Legal Standing

The decision by GoFundMe has triggered speculation and concern within the Tornado Cash community regarding the platform’s motives. 

Critics question the consistency of GoFundMe’s actions, pointing to past campaigns with similar objectives that were allowed to proceed unhindered.

Storm and Pertsev, facing charges related to money laundering, sanctions violations, and operating an unlicensed money-transmitting business, maintain their innocence on all counts. Despite the legal challenges, Storm has been released on a $2 million bond but is subject to travel restrictions within specific regions of the United States.

The abrupt cancellation of the GoFundMe fundraiser for Tornado Cash’s legal fees has stirred controversy and raised questions about the platform’s impartiality in enforcing its terms of service. 

While donors like Ryan Adams have pledged to continue their support using alternative means, Storm and Pertsev persevere in their legal battle, relying on the backing of the cryptocurrency community. 

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As the case unfolds, the outcome remains uncertain, but the determination of those involved underscores the complexities at the intersection of cryptocurrency, legality, and fundraising platforms like GoFundMe.


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