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Google has released a countdown timer for the Ethereum merge

The world’s largest search engine, Google, is on board with the Ethereum Merge hype and continues to be quite interested in it. The IT company has released an Easter egg in conjunction with a countdown timer for the impending Ethereum Merge.

Every time a user types in “Ethereum Merge” or other relevant search phrases, the easter egg pops up. The forthcoming integration of the Ethereum blockchain has been trending in search data for the previous 30 days, with a continuous trend score averaging over 50. The expected time remaining till the merging is shown together with information on the hashrate, algorithmic difficulty, and merge difficulty.

Additionally, there is a picture of two pandas clutching objects that resemble Ethereum’s logo on the timer. Its creators claim that as the two mix, the cartoon panda image will get bigger and closer.

Google’s action is a significant demonstration of their support for the Ethereum Merge. At a time when cryptocurrency values have been erratic, investors are eagerly awaiting the emergence of the industry’s next big thing. The cryptocurrency world has been eagerly awaiting the Ethereum Merge, therefore it is encouraging to see that Google shares their excitement.

With a hash rate of 857 TH/s at the time of writing, Ethereum’s merge difficulty is set at 58750000 P. The stacked difficulty is currently at 58524036 P. The easter egg was reported to Vitalik Buterin and the core developers of Ethereum via a Tweet from Sam Padilla, a Google developer who works for the company’s Web3 team:

According to Padilla, who described the action as a “pleasant little surprise” for Ethereum’s users and developers, Google wanted to express its gratitude for “the work that has been going into this for years.” The timer was created, in accordance with Padilla, by Google’s search and labs team. In addition, Padilla revealed that the timer was linked to the Ethereum blockchain as a Web3 analytics app, providing real-time updates through Google-run nodes.

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