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Grayscale rebalances the DeFi Fund, removing the Balancer (BAL) and UMA from the equation

Grayscale Investments, a crypto asset management, has rebalanced its Grayscale DeFi Fund and tweaked the weightings of its Digital Large Cap Fund.

The improvements Grayscale makes to its two funds are in a Jan. 3 release. The DeFi Fund’s weightings have been rebalanced, with AMP, the Flexa payment network’s native collateral token. Thereby, adding and Bancor’s (BNT) and Universal Market Access (UMA) removed.

Flexa employs the AMP token to collateralize cryptocurrency payments and settles them in fiat with recipients, making it simple for retailers to accept cryptocurrency.

The Digital Large Cap Fund’s weightings are under reshuffling, but the token list remains the same (GDLC).

“We have just announced updated component weightings for Grayscale #DeFi Fund, which now includes $AMP. This is the first time AMP will be in a Grayscale investment vehicle. Read this thread for more: — Grayscale (@Grayscale) January 3, 2022

Grayscale’s DeFi Fund currently includes nine different DeFi ecosystem crypto assets. The fund’s largest holding, Uniswap (UNI), has a weighted of 42.33 percent, while the newly added AMP has a weighting of 7.39 percent. The fund’s modifications correspond to those made to CoinDesk’s DeFi Index (DFX).

So, The DeFi Fund has a share price of $5.56 at the time of writing, up 11.2 percent from its inaugural share price of $5 on July 14. Then, The fund manages $11.6 million in assets and has 2.08 million outstanding shares.

Lastly, It is most well-known for its Grayscale Bitcoin Trust, which manages $30.1 billion in assets. The stock is currently at $34.27, up 23 percent since July 14 and 59.16 percent in the last year.

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