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Guy J’s New Track fetches $24,000 from fans on Blockchain-based ROCKI

Guy J's New Track fetches $24,000 from fans on Blockchain-based ROCKI

Lost & Found label boss Guy J, also recognized as Guy Judah, capitalizes on the blockchain via ROCKI’s music streaming platform. Recently, he announced raising $24k for his newest release, Cotton Eyes. The newest track traded an ERC721 Music NFT contract for 50% of future Royalty rights on ROCKI. The auction went down on Bounce. finance for 40 ETH or $24,200. The launch included two non-fungible tokens (NFTs), particularly ERC721 Music NFT and ERC1155 Music NFT. Moreover, its first Royalty income right Music NFT, an ERC721 Music NFT, was sold for 40 ETH, approximately $24,200. 

ROCKI, the world’s first user-centric music streaming platform that grew out of stealth mode last month. The Rocki platform has witnessed more than 30,000 tracks uploaded by various independent artists. Nevertheless, the platform is yet to go public on Beta. However, ROCKI claims the functionality will launch soon. 

ROCKI rewards artists and users in fiat and cryptocurrencies

ROCKI’s hybrid subscription model enables artists to accept streaming revenue in both fiat and cryptocurrencies. Backed by the ROCKS token, it is the first platform that remunerates both the artists for their streams and the audiences. Every time a song is streamed, the royalty’s part of their subscription is distributed only between the artist they attend to. ROCKI also strives to support independent artists. However, streaming platforms such as Spotify artists get only 2% for their work as most royalties get shared. Thus, ROCKI poises to become the favored streaming service for all sorts of independent artists. 

Nowadays, the creator community actively explores NFTS. Recently, Joel Thomas Zimmerman, aka Deadmau5, a leading Canadian producer and musician, and blockchain platform Worldwide Asset exchange (WAX) declared the sale of a confined series of non-fungible tokens (NFTs) based on the artist’s work. The offering of Deadmau5’s collection includes the order of two limited sets of packs, “Standard” (4,000 available in total) for $9.99 and “Mega” (2,000) for $28.49, individually including 10 or 30 digital items. Therefore, a sum of approximately $96,940 worth of packs was up for sale.

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