TravelX, Viva Aerobus Partner To Digitize Airline Tickets On The Algorand Blockchain
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TravelX, Viva Aerobus Partner To Digitize Airline Tickets On The Algorand Blockchain

TravelX and Viva Aerobus have joined forces to convert airline tickets into digital assets using the Algorand blockchain.

Passengers can transform their tickets, gaining features like smart buyback and smart flight swap in this collaboration.

TravelX’s previous partnerships with Flybondi and Air Europa reflect a growing trend of using blockchain, offering NFT-based flight tickets for enhanced customer experiences in the travel industry.

According to a recent announcement on X, TravelX, a company that uses blockchain to help airlines expand their retailing abilities, has partnered with Viva Aerobus, a Mexican airline giant, to convert tickets into digital assets using the Algorand blockchain. 

TravelX’s Partnership With Viva Aerobus

It is important to know that passengers who purchase airline tickets can convert them into digital assets. According to the announcement, there will be smart buyback and smart flight swap for air tickets.

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TravelX also stated that via this partnership, Viva Aerobus is at the forefront of transforming airline inventory management on the Algorand blockchain network. 

In addition, the partnership is expected to provide revenue opportunities and innovative use-cases for customers of Viva Aerobus. 

Other Endeavors To Foster Blockchain Adoption In The Airline Industry

This is not the first time TravelX has partnered with airline companies to promote the adoption of blockchain technology. 

In April of this year, TravelX partnered with airline Flybondi to introduce e-tickets as non-fungible tokens (NFTs) through a collaboration with an NFT ticketing company. 

The NFT version of the ticket allows passengers to modify the name on the ticket, transfer it, or sell it. 

The NFT ticket technology is built on the Algorand blockchain and demonstrates Flybondi’s commitment to innovation and providing the best possible experience to its customers. 

Flybondi CEO Mauricio Sana stated, “We’re excited to be at the forefront of this change in the travel industry.”

Last year, TravelX partnered with Air Europa to launch the world’s first NFT flight ticket series, called NFTickets. 

Those who purchased NFTickets were given exclusive access to an Air Europa flight to Miami Beach at the end of November. 

In addition, they were entitled to certain perks and events leading up to Art Basel, which is scheduled to take place in Miami Beach in December.

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NFT flight tickets are the latest addition to the list of travel-related activities that utilize blockchain technology. In January, Travala, a leading crypto-native travel booking service,  introduced an NFT-based travel rewards program. 

Around the same time, LynKey, a Singapore-based company, announced an NFT-based platform that allows resorts and hotels to tokenize all aspects of property development, including purchases, leases, land use, and related tourism entertainment, into an international blockchain-powered ecosystem.

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