July 25, 2024
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Helium Mobile (MOBILE) Collaborates With Telefónica To Launch Mobile Hotspots In Select Parts Of Mexico

Helium Mobile (MOBILE) Collaborates With Telefónica To Launch Mobile Hotspots In Select Parts Of Mexico

In a new press release, Nova Labs, the team behind Helium Mobile (MOBILE), says it’s collaborating with Spanish telecom firm Telefónica to launch mobile hotspots in select parts of Mexico.

According to Nova Labs, Helium and Telefónica together will not only boost the mobile phone network’s service area but will also offer a unique feature – the ability for users to access mobile WiFi using just a phone’s SIM card.

“Nova Labs, a pioneer in decentralized wireless communication technologies, have partnered to launch Helium Mobile Hotspots in Mexico. The solution, implemented with select customers in Mexico City and Oaxaca, will extend Telefónica’s coverage and enable the offloading of mobile data to the Helium Mobile Network and improve overall mobile coverage service for customers…

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Helium Mobile Hotspots are connected to a proprietary management system developed by Telefónica, which controls its customers’ automatic access to the Helium Mobile Network for mobile data sessions. Telefónica maintains full control of the customer experience and monitors hotspot status before allowing access and downloading data over the Helium Mobile Network.”

As stated by Amir Haleem, the chief executive of Nova Labs, in the press release,

“Alongside Telefónica, Nova Labs has solved one of the main challenges for telecommunications and pioneered a solution that supports secure data offload that can be implemented globally. This is a major advancement for the telco industry and will significantly reduce infrastructure cost while maintaining high-quality service.”

News of the collaboration caused MOBILE to spike, going from a weekly low of $0.0023 to a high of $0.0032 in just two days, a 39% gain. 

The digital asset has since retraced and is trading for $0.00308 at time of writing.