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Here Are the Crypto Market’s Top 4 Assets For Guaranteed Rally In The Bull Run

While many top crypto coins have realized mouth-watering profits, investors are eager to get a ride along their profitable journey. Among them, four cryptocurrencies–Solana (SOL), Borroe Finance ($ROE), Sui (SUI), and Arweave (AR) have guaranteed rallies in this bull run. However, investors are more allured towards $ROE for its presale excellence. Let’s explore more.



Solana Price Pumps Heavily

Solana has experienced a remarkable uptick in mid-May. After dropping in early May, Solana has finally hit a monthly peak of $172. This has represented over 30% growth in the past month. In fact, the surge in SOL’s price has aligned with a renewed interest in Solana-based meme coins

In addition, Solana’s TVL has made a notable uptick, reaching $4.64 billion. This milestone highlights the Solana blockchain’s incredible growth and trust. Moreover, the key momentum indicators like MACD and RSI also showcased a bullish outlook for SOL. 

Experts say SOL will hit $200 in the coming months.

Borroe Finance Bullish Run Continues

As a forefront leader in a successful presale run, Borroe Finance ($ROE) has emerged as a promising DeFi project. The new way of turning future revenue into upfront cash has made Borroe Finance the best DeFi crypto.

Borroe Finance is launching its $ROE token at $0.025. This has offered 150% profit to early adopters. Investors are anticipating greater gains as $ROE gets released on DEX (decentralized exchange). Moreover, its power of leveraging cutting-edge technologies like AI, blockchain, and NFT has made its platform even more attractive.

Experts say $ROE will dominate the crypto market as it significantly strides forward. To enjoy $ROE gains, investors need to hurry up as its price will keep on hiking.



SUI Recovers After Mid-May

After a backdrop in the first half of May, SUI has finally started a recovery. SUI has jumped from $0.85 to $1.10 in the third week of May. This has marked an incredible 25% gain within just 3 days. The partnership with Google Cloud has played a massive role in this recovery.

Consequently, this has recovered the overall sentiment in the SUI community. SUI has also emerged as one of the top-performing altcoins, registering a 6.2% gain in the past week. Technical indicators have also shown improvement in SUI’s bullish momentum. 

Experts say if SUI regains momentum, the altcoin price will hit $1.75 in the coming months.


Arweave Eyes $50 Mark

Arweave has realized a big pump lately. With a whopping jump of over 98% in the past month, AR has outpaced several other top altcoins. This jump has soared AR to a 52-week high of $48.00. Additionally, the AR tokens have traded forming higher swings and beyond the key EMAs.

In Arweave’s price chart, there was a formation of a rounding bottom which suggested a sharp uptrend in later trading sessions. The Fear & Greed Index sat at 74 and showed a strong buying signal for AR. 

If Arweave continues its market growth, AR will hike above $60.00 in the coming months. This positive trend has made AR a good crypto to buy.


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