July 24, 2024
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Hong Kong’s Crypto Policy Change Sparks Investor Interest: Best Cryptos to Consider

In a significant development for the crypto market, Hong Kong’s financial regulator has announced that retail investors will be allowed to trade certain cryptocurrencies starting from June 1. This move has already had a small positive impact on Bitcoin’s price, which saw a 1.3% increase to $27,384. However, amidst China’s hardline stance on cryptocurrencies, Bitcoin continues to face challenges. While Hong Kong’s status as a global financial hub offers potential, caution remains due to China’s crypto crackdown. This article explores the implications of Hong Kong’s policy change and highlights some of the best cryptocurrencies to consider for investors.

Conflux (CFX):

Conflux (CFX) experienced a minor decline in price following an intraday high but remains in a bullish trend. The article analyzes technical indicators such as exponential moving averages (EMAs), RSI, MACD, and volume to provide insights into CFX’s potential movement. Resistance and support levels are identified to guide investors in their decision-making.



The highly anticipated token burn event of $COPIUM has resulted in a surge in its price, supported by increased market conditions. The article emphasizes the legitimacy and utility of $COPIUM compared to other meme coins. It highlights the liquidity lock implemented by the developers and the token’s presence in the NFT ecosystem. Rumors of a possible buyback program further contribute to $COPIUM’s potential growth.



NEO showcases an impressive gain and is currently testing a critical Fibonacci level. The article examines NEO’s price movement in relation to EMAs, RSI, MACD, and volume. Resistance and support levels are identified, offering valuable information for investors interested in NEO.


AiDoge.com and $AI Token:

AiDoge.com, an AI-powered crypto startup, has successfully raised $12.5 million in a presale. The article highlights the real utility of AiDoge.com and its potential for growth. The $AI token’s role within the AiDoge ecosystem is explored, including its use for meme generation, staking, and as a payment currency. The article mentions the startup’s utilization of Arbitrum, its market cap, and listing predictions.


KAVA maintains a bullish trend and has achieved significant gains in recent weeks. Technical indicators such as EMAs, RSI, MACD, and volume are analyzed to provide insights into KAVA’s market sentiment. Resistance and support levels are identified to assist traders in making informed decisions.


$SPONGE, a meme coin inspired by Spongebob Squarepants, has gained attention and popularity since its launch. The article highlights its rapid rise to prominence, support from influential groups, and listings on top exchanges. $SPONGE’s potential within the meme coin market is discussed, showcasing its appeal to investors.

ecoterra and $ECOTERRA Token:

ecoterra, a green crypto venture, has seen significant success in its presale through the Recycle to Earn program. The article emphasizes the project’s focus on combating climate change and incentivizing recycling. The Recycle2Earn app, liquidity pool, and integration with global brands are highlighted. The opportunity to invest in ecoterra’s presale and its unique revenue-generating model are emphasized.


Hong Kong’s decision to allow retail investors to trade certain cryptocurrencies has sparked investor interest. While caution remains due to China’s crypto crackdown, this policy change presents opportunities. The article provides insights into specific cryptocurrencies, analyzing technical indicators and identifying potential resistance and support levels. Investors can consider these factors while making decisions in this evolving crypto market.