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How to Transfer From Coinbase to KuCoin

Two of the top cryptocurrency exchanges in the market, Coinbase and KuCoin, both serve over 10 million customers each month. Both have emerged as leaders in the cryptocurrency space, providing a wealth of features, affordable fees, simple-to-use tools, and more.

We’ll walk you through the process of transferring money from Coinbase to KuCoin in this post. Just do as follows.

As we already discussed, two of the biggest cryptocurrency powerhouses in the market are Coinbase and KuCoin. Beginners should start with Coinbase since it has a variety of cryptocurrencies, cheap fees, easy-to-use exchange and trading capabilities, and an instructional component. In terms of regulation, it is regarded as the safest trading platform.

However, users may feel the need to switch to an exchange like KuCoin to benefit from a wider variety of coins. At the moment, KuCoin supports over 650 cryptocurrencies, many of which are altcoins and undiscovered assets, whereas Coinbase has more stringent listing requirements and thus supports a smaller number of tokens.

Users may also wish to go from Coinbase to KuCoin because of the latter’s greater selection of trading tools, which includes spot and margin trading as well as sophisticated financial products like derivatives. Also, compared to other exchanges, it provides lesser costs (0.10%).

You must first prepare both accounts so that you may continue by signing into each one with your credentials.

You can view all the coins that are available for transfers by going to Deposits & Withdrawals after logging into your KuCoin account.

Choose the coin or token you want to send and click Deposit.Be careful to choose the proper network before copying (or scanning) the wallet address (ERC-20 for Ethereum-based tokens, TRC-20 for TRON tokens, etc.)

To transfer a coin, go to Coinbase, choose the Send/Receive tab, and then copy the currency’s address. Make sure the address on the coin matches the sender’s and the amount you are transferring.

Wait for the transaction to be completed after clicking “Send.” Depending on the network being utilized, there will be a network cost associated with sending money.

The use of the network and its congestion will determine how long transactions take. however it should just take ten to twenty minutes. Via a blockchain explorer, you should be able to track the transaction to make sure everything is proceeding according to plan.

Remember that not all cryptocurrencies supported by KuCoin are supported by Coinbase, therefore there are certain tokens that you cannot transfer from one exchange to the other. As a substitute. The tokens may be taken out and kept in a wallet that is under your control.


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