July 23, 2024
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Huobi Targets To Overtake Bitmex After Trading Volume Hike


Huobi is undoubtedly one of the fastest growing crypto exchange across the globe. The platform has claimed that it has $877.8 billion traded in the last six months span of time.

“For Q1, the unilateral trading volume was $444.2 billion while Q2 was $433.7 billion,” they say.

Following the hike recorded by the company, it has now claimed to overtake Bitmex. Additionally it has also recorded perpetual swap trading.

“In its first full quarter, Huobi’s perpetual swap trading volume came in at $21.65 billion in April, but rocketed up to $79.5 billion the next month, falling just short of BitMEX’s trading volume. Then, in June, Huobi overtook BitMEX with a total of $50.2 billion.”

The company also looks to have a concrete future after $100 billion traded in April and May, while June saw $75.05 billion traded.

Huobi has far outperformed OKEx in BTC Weekly contracts trading in Q1 as through April, May and June Huobi more than doubled the trading volume against its competitor,” the company has further claimed.