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In the face of rising prices, Argentines choose “play-to-earn” crypto games than traditional professions

People in Argentina are turning to “play-to-earn” crypto games because of the country’s high inflation, which is driving down the value of fiat paychecks.

The country, which has the second-largest economy in South America, is now ranked sixth in the world in terms of players on “play-to-earn” cryptocurrency gaming sites. Visits from Argentina to Decentral Games, which has the world’s largest userbase. Of course, have topped 9,400 since the start of 2022. Which is, compared to only a few hundred visits in the entire year of 2021.

Image : Between March 1 and March 15, around 2,400 Argentinians accessed Decentral Games’ platforms.

Meanwhile, Brazil has risen in the standings, climbing to seventh place in terms of platform users.

Argentina and Brazil are both experiencing high inflation, but Venezuela, which has been in a state of hyperinflation for several years, is the only country in the world experiencing hyperinflation. People are looking for a way to

Argentina’s annual inflation rate has surpassed 50%, and wages have not kept pace. But, inflation in Brazil doubled to 10% in 2021.

Image : Inflation percentages over the last four years

Inflation will continue to climb in these countries, according to Decentral Games. Then, and the trend of consumers turning to play-to-earn games will continue in the near future.

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