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In the last 24 hours, 14.6 million SHIB have been Burned

Steven Cooper, the founder of Bigger Entertainment, has tweeted that his company had torched another 2.75 million Shib. Shiba Coffee Company, meantime, has taken 11,851,851.85185185 SHIB out of circulation.

After the Bigger Entertainment team sent the aforementioned 2.75 million SHIB to the “null wallet,” from which no one may withdraw or spend coins in any other way, the total quantity of this meme-based crypto incinerated by them since October 2020 has increased to 889,483,100 tokens.

Bigger Entertainment accepts cryptocurrency for the purchase of NFTs, event tickets, and merch, and burns a portion of the revenue received for allowing users to listen to music tracks. They burned 239,600,144 Shiba Inu tokens on December 26 during one of their scheduled “Burn parties.”

With another 2.75 million SHIBs removed from circulation, the business has now cremated 889,483,100 SHIBs since late October, when the company started its Shiba burn campaign.

Furthermore, Cooper tweeted at the end of December that his team plans to increase their SHIB burn rate in the next sixty days as they look for new ways to burn Shiba Inus.

Furthermore, Bigger Entertainment’s CEO stated that more SHIB will be burned later today. They states in late December that SHIB burn activities would be every month this year. Various members of the Shiba Inu community burned more than three billion SHIB in December.

“Another 2.75 Million #shib gone forever. Bringing our total burned to 889,483,100 since launching our campaign on Oct. 20th. We’re excited for what 2022 will bring!”

Receipts, a burn counter, & playlists can be found at:


— Steven Cooper (@iamstevencooper) January 3, 2022

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