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Indian Supreme Court Rebukes Government Over Lack of Crypto Regulations

On July 27, 2023, the Indian Supreme Court delivered a stern rebuke to the Union government for failing to establish clear regulations surrounding cryptocurrencies in the country. The court expressed disappointment that despite the increasing involvement of cryptocurrencies in criminal activities, the government has not released any comprehensive guidelines.

During a recent hearing, the Supreme Court clarified that it finds the government’s inaction regarding crypto regulations “unfortunate.” This observation comes amidst a surge in criminal activities related to cryptocurrencies, prompting concerns about investor protection and financial stability. The court’s statement is believed to be directed at the Union government, urging it to take appropriate measures to address the situation.

The lack of a dedicated federal agency to investigate crypto-related criminal cases was also highlighted during the hearing. The Supreme Court questioned whether the government has plans to establish such an agency in the interest of national security and to combat crypto-related crimes effectively. Justices Surya Kant and Dipankar Datta emphasized the need for a specialized federal agency to handle such cases and conduct thorough investigations.

Despite the government’s assurances over the past four years, it is reported that the final draft of the crypto bill is still pending introduction. This delay has raised concerns among stakeholders and investors eagerly awaiting clear regulatory frameworks to govern cryptocurrency usage in India.

The absence of comprehensive regulations has left the cryptocurrency industry in India in a state of uncertainty. Investors and businesses operating in this sector face ambiguity regarding legal compliance, consumer protection, and financial regulations. The lack of clear guidelines has also hindered the growth and potential of the cryptocurrency market in the country.

The government needs to take prompt action and address the concerns raised by the Supreme Court. Establishing a dedicated federal agency and introducing a well-defined crypto bill would provide much-needed clarity and stability to the cryptocurrency ecosystem in India. It would also demonstrate the government’s commitment to safeguarding the interests of investors and curbing illicit activities associated with cryptocurrencies.

The Indian Supreme Court’s reprimand regarding the absence of crypto regulations highlights the urgency for the Union government to act swiftly. Clear and comprehensive guidelines are necessary to protect investors, foster innovation, and ensure a transparent and secure environment for the cryptocurrency industry in India.


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