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IntoTheBlock Predicts Upcoming Ethereum Upgrade to Benefit Holders, With a Catch Worth $34 Billion

According to the cryptocurrency analytics tool IntoTheBlock, the ecosystem will greatly benefit from this month’s anticipated Ethereum (ETH) update.

However, because the update will enable validators to start withdrawing their long-staked ETH worth tens of billions of dollars, the top analytics firm issues a warning about near-term price volatility.

“Overall, the Shapella fork marks the end of an important milestone. In the immediate term, volatility is anticipated when some locked ETH is withdrawn, sold, or re-staked as a result of EIP-4895 permitting withdrawals. Market share inside the staking process is probably going to boost LSDs [Liquid Staking Derivatives] at the expense of American exchanges that are being scrutinized by regulators.

In the long run, the update will be advantageous for both Ethereum users and ETH holders since it creates a more valuable local asset and a more secure network.

“Shapella” is the name of the future Ethereum blockchain update, and it alludes to the concurrent enhancements that are anticipated to occur on both Shanghai, the project’s execution layer, and Capella, the project’s consensus layer. The portion of the update known as Ethereum Improvement Proposal 4895 permits validators to withdraw their staked ETH. (EIP-4895).

According to IntoTheBlock, the changes will take effect on April 12 and validators will then be able to withdraw portion of the more than $34 billion worth of staked ETH.

Validators will be allowed to start the process of extracting part of the $34 billion or so of staked money on April 12, 2023, which is about 850 days after depositors started locking ETH into the deposit contract.

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