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Invesco Levitt “The Stock Market Will Rebound This Year”

(Yonhap Infomax is equivalent to Seoul) Reporter Kim Ji-yeon = Even though the Federal Reserve is being very aggressive about raising interest rates, there is a generally positive outlook that the stock market in the United States will make a recovery this year.

According to Business Insider on the 7th (local time), Brian Levitt, global market strategist at Invesco, recently stated in an interview that the Fed’s tightening of monetary policy will end sometime in the first quarter of this year. This information was reported by Business Insider.

The market anticipates that the Fed’s final rate will be somewhere around 5.0 percent.

According to a Levitt strategist, who stated, “I believe the market is close to the bottom in this economic cycle,” they forecasted that the S&P 500 index would break through the 4,000 mark by the end of this year.

When compared to the previous week’s closing value of 3,895.08, the current level represents an increase of approximately 3%.

During the time of the pandemic, he said, “the stock market was extremely overvalued.” He predicted that the trend would carry on.

Levitt is quoted as saying that “stock markets may slow down for a short period of time,” but that “if you get scared, you will miss out on the opportunity to profit from the recovery.”

He encouraged people to make investments and stated that when the market stabilises, it will be a favourable environment for investments in cyclical stocks and corporate bonds with high interest rates. He added that this will be the case when the market recovers.

He predicted that the value of the dollar would decrease as the gap in interest rates between the United States and other countries shrank.


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