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Investment Spotlight Q1 2024: The Rising Appeal of Borroe Finance, Bitcoin Cash, and ORDI


If you are looking for crypto tokens to buy, experts recommend Bitcoin Cash (BCH), Ordi (ORDI), and Borroe Finance ($ROE). BCH and Ordi are associated with Bitcoin, and both will record significant price surges in Q1 2024, thanks to the upcoming BTC halving in April. Also, Borroe Finance is set to decentralize web3 fundraising, and investors are backing the project to succeed. Keep reading to see what experts think about these tokens.    


Savvy Investors Raise Over $2 Million for Borroe Finance

Investing early in high-potential new DeFi projects is the surest way to crypto fortune in 2024. With this in mind, savvy crypto traders invested over $2.4 million in Borroe Finance. Borroe Finance is an innovative AI-powered fundraising marketplace that allows web3 businesses to raise instant cash by selling future subscriptions, invoices, and royalties to supportive communities at discounted prices.   

Currently, $ROE is at the tail end of its third presale stage, and the token is selling for $0.0175. After all presale stages conclude, $ROE will hit the mainstream crypto market and sell for $0.0400. According to analysts, savvy investors who invested in $ROE at this third presale stage will enjoy a massive 128.6% ROI when this bullish price movement plays out.  


BCH Loses Bullish Momentum in Early 2024

Even though Bitcoin Cash was one of the best crypto investments in Q4 2023, BCH experienced a downward turn in early January. For context, Bitcoin Cash went bearish after crypto experts predicted that the US SEC would likely reject BTC Spot ETFs applications in January. According to Matrixport, the SEC will likely decline BlackRock’s BTC Spot ETF application, leading to a likely price crash for BTC-related tokens like Bitcoin Cash.

Already, Bitcoin cash lost 14.48% in the first week of January due to FUD sentiment. On December 30, BCH traded for $274, and the token was later traded for $234 on January 4. According to analysts, this price crash indicates investors are protecting themselves from possible short-term losses in January. However, BCH is set to surge in Q1 2024 due to the upcoming BTC halving in April. Expectedly, BCH may likely trade for $300 by March 2024.    

Ordi Sparks Debate in Bitcoin Community

Ordi got listed on Binance in Q4 2023 and eventually recorded a new ATH of $89.00 on January 2. However, Ordi’s success triggered a review of Bitcoin’s capacity. According to reports, increased Ordi trading activity on the Bitcoin blockchain led to higher transaction fees, averaging $24.10 instead of $12.10. Although ecosystem growth is always welcome, experts say this may negatively affect the Bitcoin network’s performance.

Even though Ordi remains a good investment choice, top altcoins associated with Bitcoin recorded a price dip. For context, Ordi traded for $84.60 on January 1 and quickly fell to $74.30 on January 5, leading to a 12.31% price loss. According to analysts, Ordi is primed for a price surge in Q1 2024 due to its relationship with BTC and the upcoming BTC halving. Therefore, experts expect Ordi to trade for $100 by March 2024.     

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