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Japanese-Content-Backed Blockchain Network To Create A Sustainable Metaverse Ecosystem

Numerous new blockchain networks have recently surfaced, but only a select few have both the strong technological know-how and the rich content to completely fill the ecosystem from the start. Since infrastructure cannot build an ecosystem by itself, emerging blockchain networks typically partner with Dapp projects. Even before its official launch, MOOI Network, created by blockchain startup POST VOYAGER, has already managed to secure both technological strength and a vibrant environment. The well-known Japanese mobile game juggernaut Cocone will provide its metaverse material to the network while POST VOYAGER concentrates on the technological components. The MOOI Network will be live on June 30.

Technical Prowess

POST VOYAGER, the firm behind the MOOI Network, is a division of Cocone. POST VOYAGER was created exclusively for blockchain applications, and it has been using its experience since that year. The business has participated in the Klaytn network’s Governance Council or served as a node validator. The POST VOYAGER team is actively involved in the governance process and has been rapidly expanding its blockchain expertise. It has also helped by offering technical assistance and guidance to its affiliated enterprises. With its founder and half of the staff working as developers, POST VOYAGER is a highly tech-focused business that appreciates the significance of constantly evolving technology.

POST VOYAGER is quite confident in its technical ability, but the team chose to go above and beyond to safeguard user assets. MOOI Network will go through numerous examinations to further guarantee the integrity of its security. It’s never enough to emphasise how crucial network integrity is, according to POST VOYAGER. To ensure it, we shall take all necessary steps.

A rich metaverse of information

Numerous metaverse services will be featured on MOOI Network. The parent business of POST VOYAGER, Cocone, intends to introduce at least 4 new services on MOOI Network this year. Character Coordinating Play (CCP), a brand-new gaming genre where players can personalise their characters and interact with one another, was invented by Cocone. The fundamental idea of CCP and metaverse is the same: entering a virtual environment and erasing the line between the actual and virtual worlds. Such encounters were something that Cocone tried to give its users. As a result, it has dominated the Japanese avatar service market for 14 years and received numerous honours from 42 million satisfied customers worldwide. The company Cocone itself is a well-known app publisher. It has received top 10 rankings in a number of different categories. With their extensive user knowledge, Cocone plans to apply all of their expertise to converting their Web2 services to Web3 services and creating all new projects for MOOI Network.

A Web3 version of Livly Island called Meta Livly is the first service to go live. Currently, Livly Island, the original service, has about 200,000 DAU. Although essentially identical to the first service, Meta Livly will have a distinctive universe of its own. Additionally, it will have a P2E component where users can make money while playing the game and NFTs so that users may truly own and trade their stuff. The debut of Meta Livly is anticipated at the end of July.

Recently, a new service that will debut on MOOI Network was announced. ClawKiss has launched its official website and social media accounts. It was created by Cocone Connect, another division of the Cocone Group. With the help of blockchain technology and Selfy, a popular avatar creator in more than 170 nations, ClawKiss will be a dress-to-earn GameFi vampire game. The ClawKiss game will debut by the end of 2022. Within a few years, Cocone Group intends to launch more than 10 games on MOOI Network, starting with Meta Livly and ClawKiss.

Along with Cocone’s IPs, POST VOYAGER is actively looking for additional metaverse services to join MOOI Network.

Economy based on values

A healthy metaverse economy is supported by the design of MOOI Network. The method used by POST VOYAGER to construct a blockchain economy differs slightly from the traditional method. The MOOI Network’s economy will be established first by users who recognise the true worth of using its services and purchasing its virtual goods. The ecosystem will inevitably expand after the value has been established. With approximately 590,000 different types of digital things and 9 billion items in use as a result of Cocone Group’s services, POST VOYAGER is of the opinion that the value has already been established in the Web2 market and will be in the Web3 industry as well.

Each service will have its own tokenomics while the network’s economy will be based on its governance token, $MOOI. A unique unit within POST VOYAGER is known as the “crypto financial team.” The team is committed to planning and overseeing the MOOI Network’s economic system. The team is also more than happy to offer guidance to any Dapp projects joining the MOOI Network in order to improve its own tokenomics and, ultimately, create a mutually sustainable metaverse economy. One team member remarked, “The tokenomics of each project are equally essential to us as our own. If either of them fails, a sustainable economy will not function.”

The brilliant strategy used by POST VOYAGER has attracted certain blockchain industry pioneers. The initial round of private sales for the MOOI token has been successfully completed by POST VOYAGER. A Singapore-based venture capital firm called Block Crafters Capital made the decision to invest in the MOOI Network at an early stage. Another business, top South Korean blockchain technology provider Ozys, has partnered strategically with POST VOYAGER to broaden the ecosystem of MOOI Network.

Concept of MOOI

Although there are more metaverse services to be added to MOOI Network, POST VOYAGER’s ambition goes beyond online applications. The team wants to grow its ecosystem by incorporating any physical or digital projects that adhere to the fundamental principles of the MOOI Network.

The MOOI Network will first be connected with the Klaytn Network at launch. In order to further develop the ecosystem, the network will later include more bridges with other blockchains as Polygon and Ethereum.

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