Kenyan Billionaire Chris Kirubi Still Fighting Crypto Frauds

Chris Kirubi (Courtesy: Twitter)
Chris Kirubi (Courtesy: Twitter)

Crypto fraud has been a massive problem of all sorts across the globe. And Kenyan business tycoon Chris Kirubi is still dealing with it. He has been one of the many billionaire whose name has been used to promote Bitcoin scam.

He, however, took to Twitter to warn people about the same, making sure they don’t become a part of the scam or fall for it like many have in the earlier times.

“It has come to my attention that a website has been using my name to solicit investments in a scheme dubbed, ‘Bitcoin Profit’. I would like to inform the public that I am in no way associated with this organisation and the information provided is misleading and deceptive,” Chris Kirubi tweeted.

Kirub has 1.4 million followers on Twitter and a a net worth of Ksh40 billion ($400 mln). “While I often share investment tips and business advice, this information is shared from my verified social media handles and credible websites,” Kirubi said.