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Konami will continue to sell NFTs in order to ‘preserve content.’

Konami, the Japanese company behind Castlevania and other popular titles, has clarified its position on the use of NTFs. The corporation stated in its most recent financial results meeting that it will continue to use NFTs as a form of preservation, claiming that:

“We will also be selling Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) in an effort to preserve content that has been loved by our customers as commemorative art.”

This assertion is consistent with Konami’s previous work with NFTs. Last year, the business held a special NFT auction to celebrate the 35th anniversary of the Castlevania brand. That’s, which raised over $160,000 in sales. Digital images and films showing the gameplay of several of the series’ games were included in the NFTs. Konami teases the publication of similar collections for other franchises under its umbrella. Which, including Contra, Metal Gear Solid, and Silent Hill, among others, with this statement.

The term “preservation” in the context of videogames refers to the digital archiving of game assets and code with the goal of them lasting throughout time. This has the goal of preserving games and assets for future generations to enjoy. While the usage of NFTs for this purpose has gotten little press in the gaming press, the use of NFTs as gaming assets has.

A number of major gaming firms have expressed interest in incorporating these new technologies into their games beginning this year. Ubisoft has been a pioneer in the sector, even developing its own NFT market named Quartz. However, this has attracted some criticism from gamers.

The company will, however, continue to promote the technology since. That’s, according to some of its executives, gamers

“don’t comprehend” the benefits that secondary marketplaces could provide.

Other firms, such as Sega, have experimented in the NFT industry. However, are considering abandoning it if gamers perceive it as a money grab. Of course, as the company stated in one of its recent management meetings.

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