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Leading Binance Launchpad Projects bringing mass adoption to Web 3.0

Leading Binance Launchpad Projects bringing mass adoption to Web 3.0

Decentralization of banking activities like lending, borrowing, or even insurance has enhanced the broader community delving into modern finance. The concepts of on-chain staking, the farming yield, for instance, APYs, have bought new mechanisms of incentivization, unlocking the limitless potentials of DeFi. While providing greater utility and ease of use compared to centralized banks, DeFi has reshaped the financial space with the integration of blockchain technology.

With DeFi gaining momentum across various spheres, one of the major drivers of this is the largest crypto exchange, Binance. It has been one of the pioneers in fuelling crypto to mainstream adoption. Powered with multiple functionalities, Binance’s wide ecosystem is currently catering to every aspect related to cryptocurrencies that a novice user can ever think of. Through innovative products and intuitive user experience, Binance has surpassed people’s imagination and has been a driving force for the mainstream financial world to peek into the universe of cryptocurrencies.

Through one of its technological arm for project launches, Binance launchpad has facilitated the launch of exclusive projects on its platform, catering to its user base of above 10 million. It has enabled blockchain-based projects to raise funds and increase their reach across the ecosystems supporting projects with advisory and marketing efforts to accelerate growth. Here are some of the projects endorsed by Binance Launchpad in 2019 which continues to imbibe core values of mass adoption: 

Troy Trade 

Troy Trade was one of the interesting Binance IEO projects endorsed by Binance through Binance Launchpad to redefine its vision of creating a fruitful and comprehensive trading experience for institutional investors. Troy Trade launched in 2019 as a prime brokerage and asset management but has since transformed to redefine the trading experience for users. With the launch of Troy 2.0, it extends its purview of services by moving towards a smart hybrid assets management platform with salient features such as liquidity aggregation, data analytics, flexible earnings, and quant strategies.

Polygon (previously known as) Matic Network

Previously known as Matic Network, Polygon Network conducted its token launch on the Binance launchpad in 2019. Since then, it outplayed the crypto market positioning itself as a cutting-edge Layer-2 scaling solution for dApps to scale. Now rebranded as Polygon Network, it is creating Ethereum’s internet of blockchains to power the future of DeFi. It is constantly working towards addressing the Ethereum scalability and congestion issues, housing a wide range of dApps ranging from DeFi, Gaming to NFTs. Polygon Network is now one of the leading blockchain networks for projects keen to build on Ethereum Network.

Band Protocol

With the vision of allowing dApps to leverage existing data on the internet without central intermediaries, Band Protocol launched as a secure and scalable oracle solution for Web 3.0. It aims to address the data corruption issues reinforcing data accuracy, security, and reliability for the efficacy of Web 3.0 applications. Launched in 2019 through the Binance launchpad, Band Protocol is committed to bringing innovative and fast solutions to Web 3.0, leveling up security standards in the dynamic space. It connects dApps to real-world off-chain data bringing blockchain-based projects closer to mass adoption.

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