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Ledger Reaffirms Commitment to Self-Custody Amidst Controversy Surrounding Recover Feature

Despite recent customer criticism, Ledger, the renowned hardware wallet manufacturer, remains committed to self-custody of funds. On May 16, the company issued a strong statement emphasising its commitment to security while addressing concerns about the recently announced Recover feature.

Due to perceived security risks, the Recover feature, which allows users to restore their seed phrase, drew significant criticism. According to critics, knowing the seed phrase grants access to most crypto wallets, making it a potential vulnerability. In response to these concerns, Ian C. Rogers, Ledger’s Chief Experience Officer, took to Twitter Spaces to address the issue directly.

Rogers emphasised that the Ledger Recover feature is completely optional, assuring users that their data will be safe if they do not opt in. He emphasised Ledger’s unwavering commitment to security and self-custody principles, emphasising that the company would not introduce any feature that would jeopardise these principles.

Interestingly, Rogers revealed that, before the backlash, Ledger had received positive responses from the majority of customers who expressed a desire for such a feature when it was first announced several weeks ago. He did not, however, elaborate on the terms under which the $50,000 coverage, provided in the event of a mishap, would be available. Similarly, Ledger’s official website lacks specifics, stating that the offer is “subject to investigation.”

Ledger’s Chief Security Officer, Charles Guillemet, elaborated on the security model underlying the Recover feature. According to Guillemet, the encrypted seeds are split into shards and distributed across multiple custodians, ensuring neither Ledger nor any other party has backdoor access to user wallets or devices. He emphasised that the user retains complete control and that nothing happens without permission.

Regardless of these assurances, it remains to be seen if users will be satisfied. The Recover feature has sparked significant debate, with many Twitter users claiming their questions were not adequately answered. Nonetheless, Ledger’s position as one of the largest hardware wallet manufacturers is unlikely to be significantly impacted, ensuring the company’s continued market dominance. Trezor is still its main rival.

Ledger’s commitment to self-custody and efforts to address customer concerns demonstrate the company’s commitment to providing cryptocurrency holders with a secure ecosystem. Companies like Ledger must adapt and prioritise user security while striving to provide innovative features that meet customer demands as the industry evolves.


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