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LimeWire’s New Game Simulates Music Pirating Nostalgia and Pays in Cry

LimeWire, a peer-to-peer file-sharing platform that has since transitioned into a nonfungible token (NFT) marketplace, has released a new game with the intention of resurrecting the nostalgia associated with illegally downloading music while also providing players with the opportunity to earn cryptocurrency prizes. The game is called “LimeWire: The Game,” and it is available for download on the LimeWire website.

The historic music-downloading platform, which enjoyed massive popularity in the early years of the new millennium, was resurrected on April 13 and introduced to Web3 in the shape of a retro music-downloading game that is based on the Windows XP operating system. This game is a flashback to the days when the platform was in its heyday.

Before they are allowed to begin playing, gamers of the browser-based game are required to provide their email addresses. After that, the game instructs players to search for early 2000s retro music and movies as well as old media that may be downloaded.

The simulation will give the players with a variety of music and movies from that era within a predetermined amount of time, from which they will be able to “download” one of their choosing at their discretion. Every simulated download that does not contain a simulated “virus” will result in the player being awarded points for that particular download.

The results are logged on a scoreboard, and the best players are then taken into consideration as potential candidates for a distribution of LimeWire’s soon-to-be-released ERC-20 token, LMWR. LimeWire was brought back to the public eye in the middle of 2022 under the pretext of an NFT marketplace. 

The company’s goal was to position itself as the industry standard for membership and creator content marketplaces. LimeWire was contacted by Cointelegraph in an effort to gather further information; however, we did not receive a timely response from LimeWire.


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