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Low Investment, High Returns: Discover Cheap Coins with Massive Passive Income Potential

Analysts have recently identified the best cryptos to invest in at cheap prices for maximum returns. These coins are said to possess the potential for an explosive surge when the next wave of the bull market begins. The top crypto coins highlighted include XRP, Borroe Finance ($ROE), and Ethena (ENA).

Let’s find out how high these altcoins will likely attain during the season’s bull phase.




  • Crypto analysts hint at an impending explosive rally after the emergence of the God Candle on the XRP chart.
  • Borroe Finance’s ($ROE) presale performance has cued investors into what to expect after its DEX launch.
  • Analysts have shared likely scenarios for Ethena’s breakout after ENA arrived at a crossroads.


Analysts See Massive Upsurge For XRP With The Presence Of God Candle

In a tweet on April 17, Dark Defender, a renowned crypto guru, chartist, and advisor, called attention to what resembles a God Candle on the XRP chart. He drew parallels between the present day and 2017, stating that the current time reflects the past rather than a coincidence. “This is not just a coincidence. It’s a Deja Vu,” he commented.

He observed that XRP has maintained a prolonged sideways movement of late, but the Fibonacci points remain unchanged. This similarity could imply the potential replay of XRP’s move when the price ascended from cents to an all-time high of $3.00. Dark Defender maintained that the movement is slower, but nothing has changed target-wise.

Between April 12 and 18, XRP witnessed an extensive pullback from $0.60 to $0.50. However, the analyst’s predictions concur that a recovery will occur soon. In his previous analyses, Dark Defender gave a near-term projection of $1.00 for XRP, a 100% increase in its current price.


Borroe Finance Edges Higher With A 100X Surge In Sight

Borroe Finance ($ROE) has remained true to its path upward, reaching untapped price points as it approaches a new stage in its presale. Given its consistent effort at growing, Borroe Finance ($ROE) quickly achieved a 100X rally following its exchange launch soon. In the meantime, the new ICO coin aims to complete its presale while delivering substantial returns to investors.

The birth of Borroe Finance ($ROE) came as a response to the recurring debacle of traditional finance that has significantly affected Web3 users negatively over time. 

With its emergence, these entities no longer have to worry about generating funds as its decentralized discounted NFT marketplace offers an opportunity to collect revenue nonstop. Borroe Finance presents several ways to realize funds, including investing in $ROE during its presale, committing $ROE to a liquidity pool for passive rewards, et al.

Presale investors have realized 100% of their initial capital, a precursor to the potential 10,000% after Borroe Finance ($ROE) begins trading on prominent exchanges like Binance and Coinbase. 

Having completed the jump from $0.01 to $0.02, Borroe Finance ($ROE) aims to make another warp to $0.025, culminating in a 25% surge in its current price. These projections imply that Borroe Finance ($ROE) is the best cryptocurrency for colossal returns.



Analyst Suggests Possible Plays After Ethena Appears At A Crossroads

On April 18, CryptoBusy, a well-known cryptocurrency expert, shared insights on the possible realities that could emerge after Ethena (ENA), a synthetic Dollar and internet native yield platform, arrived at breaking point. 

His thesis aims to shed light on likely scenarios to prevent investors from getting rekt when Ethena (ENA) makes its move. CryptoBusy implored traders to pay attention to the critical support level Ethena (ENA) is currently planted, stating that a confirmation breakout will give direction on what to do.

The analyst noted that a descending triangle, marked by a flat support line and a downsloping resistance line, is taking form on the Ethena (ENA) chart. This shape is a typically bearish pattern, suggesting the possible continuation of a decline. However, it could also morph into a bullish outbreak if the Ethena (ENA) bulls push the price past the resistance line.

Meanwhile, Ethena (ENA) had recently plunged immensely from $1.37 to $0.91 between April 12 and 18, indicating a 33.5% decrease. Based on the two-way projection the analyst gave, the most likely outcome is the bullish case scenario due to the approaching Bitcoin halving. Following the halving, Ethena (ENA) is expected to rocket to $2.00, a 119.7% upshift from its current price.


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