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Macro Guru Raoul Pal Notes A Remarkably Accurate Ethereum Chart, Indicates 300% Spike

Real Vision chief executive Raoul Pal says a notable Ethereum (ETH) chart signifies a massive run for the asset by year end.

Furthermore, he explains on a current chart showing ETH’s price movement over the past three months. Then, also a chart showing the price movement of Bitcoin (BTC) in 2017.

So, Raoul Pal explains in details.

“I have been showing this spooky chart of ETH now vs BTC in 2017 in various forms…”
“This is my live CIX (Crypto Index) on Bloomberg…. even nailed this sell-off…”
“to the day and price. What happened next? A 300% rally. From tomorrow (ish).”

More so, Raoul Pal also notes he expects ETH to match BTC’s 2017 price action perfectly. Therefore, he predicts a 100% to 300% rally for the crypto asset by year’s end.

“Nothing is a [certainty]. After that, it’s a tougher call,…”
“but I think it possibly elongates and sees significantly higher prices.”

Currently, Ethereum is trading at around $4,335.22, just 4% up on the day.

Lastly, Raoul Pal confirms that ETH is up 100x against Bitcoin over the past six years.

“ETH and BTC aren’t the same thing and that is fine.”

“Some other token will outperform ETH probably over time too. That is cool too.”

“The entire space is going up 100x from here…”
“You can choose where you want to be on the risk curve but it’s not even clear ETH is more risky now.”
— Raoul Pal (@RaoulGMI) November 14, 2021

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