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Macro guru Raoul Pal Notes Solana and Terra To Imitate Ethereum’s Explosive 2016 Rally

Macro guru Raoul Pal notes how SOL and LUNA may be imitating the same price trajectory of Ethereum in 2016.

Furthermore, in a new interview on Real Vision, Macro guru Raoul Pal notes this is due to the cyclical nature of network effects. Also, Ethereum is currently mirroring Bitcoin’s 2017 bull cycle.

So, Macro guru Raoul Pal explains
“…Once I start discovering Metcalfe’s law, I start realizing that Ethereum is exactly following Bitcoin’s last cycle…”

Then, Raoul Pal continues.
“And it’s like, oh, my God, this is spooky. I mean, I’ve got actually on my Bloomberg in real…”
“time, and it almost works, tick for tick. I’ve never seen anything like it…”
“And that gives a cycle projection for Ethereum of $20,000…”

More so, Macro guru Raoul Pal adds.
“And again, I actually think it’s going to overshoot.”

As per the former Goldman Sachs executive, has same logic to Solana and Terra, and projects after the 2017 bull market.

Notably, Macro guru Raoul Pal notes both SOL and LUNA are following Ethereum’s first bull cycle.

“But I thought, well, if my logic about Metcalfe’s Law is right, then these layer-1s that we’ll talk…”
“about later should also fit. And bizarrely, here’s the chart of Solana against Ethereum in the last…”

So, Raoul Pal adds.
“cycle, when Ethereum was the darling, the new breakthrough. It’s exactly following…”
“And the same is true of Terra. It’s exactly following.”

Additionally, Macro guru Raoul Pal says that Bitcoin also is following its own previous cycles of adoption. Also, he expects BTC to have a bull cycle similar to its early rallies in 2013.

Lastly, Raoul Pal adds.
“So as these different protocols get adoption, they’re all behaving in the same way…”
“Well, Bitcoin is repeating its early cycle of massive adoption…”

Then, Macro guru Raoul Pal explains.
“So, for me this is super interesting. And again, I don’t expect these to be perfect but they’re…”
“contextualizing network adoption, which is I think everything in this space for the time being,…”
” until we start moving into some of the other things.”

So, Raoul Pal concludes.

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