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Major companies such as Circle and BlockFi have their data breached as a result of the HubSpot hack

HubSpot is a popular CRM platform that many businesses use to store information about their customers such as phone numbers, names, and email addresses. These businesses use the data they collect to help them in their marketing efforts. They utilize them to track the success of their marketing activities as well.

As a result, it’s unsurprising that hackers will target the tool because they’ll require the personal information to carry out a variety of vulnerabilities aimed at the people whose information they have.

This is the primary cause of HubSpot’s downfall. Unfortunately, many businesses that employ the tools put their customers at risk of being targeted by cybercriminals. Circle, BlockFi, NYDIG, and Swan Bitcoin are among the companies impacted by the attack.

The HubSpot team is currently claiming that the hackers stole user information from their tool. Internal data such as passwords, on the other hand, is safe, according to the team. Because HubSpot is an external tool, the hackers would not be able to access that information.

According to the company, the hacker intends to exploit these companies’ stakeholders and make demands on them. The hacker gained access to one of HubSpot’s staff accounts and utilized it to contact his intended victims. He has already signed up up to 30 clients, and the list is growing.

We also discovered that many of the affected firms’ users are already reporting phishing assaults. The increase is a target or a ruse to persuade them to reveal their password to the attacker by visiting an infected website. This is characteristic of the behavior of phishing emails. Users will be redirected to a bogus website where they will be asked for their password, exposing their personal information to hackers.

On HubSpot, there have been other situations similar to this. BlockFi, for example, had similar problem two years ago when a hacker took control of one of its employees’ SIM cards. BlockFi hired a Chief Security Officer as a result of the incident to prevent future incidents.

Pantera Capital, in addition to BlockFi, was hit by similar problem last month, with many of its clients receiving Phishing emails on March 19th, 2022. With all of these incidences, it’s possible that the breach happened earlier. However, the date of the event had not been disclosed by the corporation.

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