Press Release

Make it Rain with Roobet & Snoop Dogg

The world’s fastest-growing crypto casino has just joined forces with none other than Snoop D-O-double G himself and as their official Chief Ganjaroo, he’s already shaking things up in the best ways possible.

With 420 approaching, Roobet has got something pretty huge in store for Snoop’s favorite holiday of all time!

Find out more about their biggest raffle yet and how to get a piece of the action.


Snoop is Makin’ it Rain at Roobet

Get ready for dollar bills to start raining down from above in preparation for 420!

Roobet’s latest raffle features a whopping $420,000 prize pool, giving 1000 lucky players the chance to make their month a lot more memorable.

Skip the FOMO and get involved in the action by hitting up your favorite games at Roobet from April 10th to May 7th. You’ll be able to collect tickets for every $500 you wager, plus gain 5 times as many tickets when you bet on their freshest game – Snoop’s Hotbox.

Discover what these brand-new titles are all about and why you need to give it a try.


How to Play Snoop’s HotBox 

Step into Snoop’s HotBox to experience a taste of his lavish lifestyle as well as his long-time love for Maryjane. This unique game is based on another one of Roobet’s proprietary titles, Crash, only with a more intriguing theme that makes it a lot more fun to play.

Get started by placing your bets, then sit back and enjoy the ride as a cartoon Snoop takes you on an inspiring journey around some of his favorite sights, while he puffs away on a massive doobie, of course.

The rules are simple – all you have to do is cash out before Snoop’s joint burns out.

Snoop’s HotBox is already proving to be a huge hit with many of his fans so don’t think twice about trying it for yourself, only at Roobet.

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