MarginFi CEO Resigns As Solana Lending Platform Faces Internal Woes
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MarginFi CEO Resigned As Solana Lending Platform Faces Internal Turmoil

MarginFi, a prominent DeFi platform on the Solana network, experienced internal turmoil as CEO Edgar Pavlovsky resigned, citing disagreements with the company’s internal and external practices. 

According to Edgar, the departure was due to both operational disagreements and personal reasons. 

This sudden exit marked a turbulent day for MarginFi, with users withdrawing nearly $100 million from the platform.

MarginFi assured its users that the departure would not affect the platform’s operations, emphasizing the core principle of decentralized finance (DeFi) where contributors can leave while the protocol continues functioning. 

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However, the platform had been grappling with withdrawal function issues for weeks, and the absence of a token-based rewards system further frustrated its users.

One particular problem arose in mid-March when MarginFi’s “oracle” infrastructure caused some users’ withdrawal requests to fail amid rising network congestion on Solana. 

Furthermore, popular liquid staking service SolBlaze called out MarginFi in a post on X. 

They claimed that for at least eight days, token reward payments through MarginFi had not reached the owners of bSOL and BLZE tokens, ultimately severing their business relationship with MarginFi.

MarginFi’s controversial co-founder, MacBrennan Peet, may be a potential candidate for leadership. Peet is known for his controversial and unconventional marketing antics. 

However, the persona created by Peet has also garnered critics within the Solana DeFi community, including rival protocol Solend, which offered an airdrop to MarginFi users who transferred their funds to Solend.

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