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Market Mayhem Can’t Slow CHO Token: Imminent BingX Listing and’s Bold Innovations Enhance Future Prospects

The long-awaited Bitcoin (BTC) halving has finally occurred. Although BTC’s price remains relatively stable around $65,000 after the event, the overall mood among investors and traders is one of cautious optimism. Past trends indicate that Bitcoin often undergoes a period of consolidation after a halving, followed by a gradual upward trajectory. So, many believe that BTC can reach a new all-time high between December 2024 and February 2025. 

However, historically, Bitcoin halvings have also sparked significant rallies among small-cap altcoins. Investors seeking diversification while waiting for BTC’s next major price move acknowledge the potential of these cryptocurrencies to make significant gains in the short term. Among those is the (CHO) token, which gained 500% when the original cryptocurrency bogged down in a prolonged cool-off phase before halving.

This remarkable resilience against market weakness made CHO a worthwhile investment opportunity in the run-up to Bitcoin’s anticipated surge. While the price of BTC is projected to stabilize for a while, CHO is set to rise further, strengthening its positions amid the growing optimism about its forthcoming listing on BingX, one of the largest centralized exchanges (CEX) with 10 million active users and a daily trading volume of around $1 billion. The token’s 10% weekly increase already indicates a positive market reaction to this development. The buzz stems from the idea that listing on any of the well-respected CEXs often leads to enhanced liquidity, investor confidence, and demand, all of which can push the token’s price higher while mitigating volatility.

The dynamic emergence of is another key driver of CHO’s progress. This will be a one-of-a-kind Web3 development ecosystem catering to the institutional-grade digital finance needs of any direction and complexity. will derive value from a strategic merger of, a B2C crypto-fiat service provider with a 1 million user base, and Vault, a B2B company securing dozens of millions in revenue through the development of white-label digital and crypto banking products, including crypto-fiat solutions, IBAN accounts, and crypto-powered bank cards. 

As the story unfolds, the CHO token runs into a series of game-changing updates that can put it on the brink of a record-breaking price rally.


CHO Stakers Will Receive Up to One Fifth of’s B2B Revenue

As Vault’s revenue is estimated to reach $180 million by 2025, CHO token owners will share in the profits of the company’s foray into the high-potential enterprise sector. In their initial announcement, the team briefly mentioned that up to 20% of the ecosystem’s B2B revenue would be distributed among those participating in CHO token staking. 

Following this news, the token itself surged by an impressive 189%, hitting a ten-month high of around $0.143. It’s also worth noting that the disclosure of’s role in making new crypto-compatible Mastercard debit cards available to a broader public added another bullish element to the overall outlook.

Source: TradingView


Just a week later, revealed that its revenue-sharing plan would be implemented through a new incentivization token, VLT. Moreover, the team has chosen to keep VLT from premature trading to guarantee that CHO stakers, who are deeply engaged in the token ecosystem, enjoy unique advantages from their holdings. This policy is now anticipated to create a strong synergy between CHO and VLT, enhancing the returns from CHO staking and injecting additional energy into the CHO/USDT trading pair. 

The rollout of’s revenue-sharing program is carefully orchestrated. The team has already initiated regular DEX snapshots to analyze the distribution of CHO tokens across wallets and staking platforms, ensuring that the allocation of the new VLT tokens is equitable and transparent. 

This approach positions early adopters and current holders of CHO tokens to benefit significantly, as their initial investments qualify them for a larger share of VLT tokens. Consequently, for those considering an investment, purchasing CHO tokens now provides a prime opportunity to maximize benefits from the upcoming release of VLT.


Next-Gen Tringlr Technology: A Leap Forward in Crypto Wallet Security and CHO Usage

On April 19, delineated a few more pivotal points of its vibrant formation. The team expressed their commitment to setting new benchmarks in cryptocurrency wallet security with the introduction of the pioneering hybrid SMPC (secure multiparty computation) technology called Tringlr.

Tringlr will merge the robust infrastructure of decentralized storage with the user-centric convenience of centralized platforms. It will deliver groundbreaking recovery capabilities, such as a backup wallet that remains secure against centralized access, and enable the transfer of funds to trusted contacts in emergencies. Furthermore, Tringlr will allow for setting personalized transaction limits for both transfers and withdrawals, enhancing user control over their funds.

The technology will fortify security through the so-called key pool that will distribute wallet keys among the user, a centralized custodian, and a designated secure agent responsible for transaction approvals. This multi-layered security arrangement will ensure that breaching the decentralized or centralized component alone does not lead to financial losses, as transactions require additional confirmations. Additionally, the backup wallet will boast exceptional security as it will be settable only by the wallet owner and a secure agent within a three-month period.

Tringlr will foster seamless transfers to bank cards and allow for setting automatic funding limits, while extending its capabilities to support multiple blockchains such as Ethereum, Polygon, Tron, Base, Solana, and Layer-2 networks. The deployment of sophisticated account abstraction technology will further enable straightforward fund transfers between wallets and in-browser transactions.

Tringlr is poised to empower both individuals and businesses with unparalleled control and security over their finances, seamlessly integrating Web3 and traditional financial systems. The technology, which will be incorporated into the retail application and solutions from’s B2B partners, is scheduled to launch within three months.

The CHO token will underlie the Tringlr framework, powering all transactions, transfers, and wallet services while incentivizing secure agents by rewarding them for transaction verification. This will extend CHO’s utility across a variety of decentralized applications and projects, thereby increasing its demand and cementing its status as a leading B2B enterprise token.


CHO Technical Outlook: Key Indicators Fueling the Climb

The technical analysis of CHO in the run-up to the launch of VLT and the innovative SMPC technology also paints quite a bullish picture. Although the token has recently undergone corrections after its explosive two-month rally and even plunged below $0.07 in the wake of the Iran-Israeli conflict, the fundamental changes brought by and the thoroughly prepared BingX listing have enabled it to regain its losses in a blink of an eye. Moreover, has recently joined the Binance Smart Chain (BSC) network, expanding access to CHO tokens for its growing user base. 

Considering BSC’s vast number of users and daily wallet creations, this strategic move will likely enhance user engagement and promote more economical transactions, increasing CHO’s market appeal. The excitement around this expansion is bolstered by the launch of a grand $500,000 lottery for CHO holders who will transition their tokens to BSC wallets.

CHO stays firm above its closest support level at $0.02653, currently heading to the $0.09623 target. The Awesome Oscillator has a positive reading of 0.0003, suggesting a bullish trend is gaining strength. 

The Stochastic %K at 29.64 shows that the token has room to rise, with potential buying opportunities. The Average Directional Index is at 37.05, indicating a strong trend, which, combined with other indicators, points to an upward trajectory.

Source: TradingView


Furthermore, CHO’s Exponential Moving Averages (EMA) are signaling a positive direction. The 30-day EMA is at $0.08282, providing a shorter-term support level, while the 50-day EMA at $0.06949 and the 200-day EMA at $0.06759 confirm the long-term strength of the current trend.

Propelled by favorable technicals and positive developments, the token could not only move to test $0.09623 but also approach the next significant resistance at $0.12397. With increasing investor confidence and strategic token utility enhancing CHO’s demand, the token could even aim for the $0.19367 milestone. This would become feasible if the broader market sentiment remained supportive and the rollout of the revenue-sharing program and the Tringlr technology proceeded smoothly.



Amidst a tumultuous cryptocurrency market with Bitcoin and other major coins facing declines, the CHO token stands out with its unshakable surge, spurred by investor interest in alternatives offering potential high returns. With robust technical indicators showing strong momentum and prevailing optimism, CHO is set to break new highs. This aligns promising market trends with strategic corporate growth, making the token an exciting prospect even in volatile times. 

CHO’s intrinsic value is poised for significant growth through its appearance on the BingX exchange and’s innovative initiatives. Key among these are a B2B revenue-sharing model supported by the new VLT token and the Tringlr hybrid SMPC technology, delivering unmatched security. Given the positive market impact of already disclosed updates, it would be a smart move to keep a close watch on further announcements from

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