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Matt Damon Reveals Why He Appeared in’s Most Infamous Ad

Matt Damon, a star in Hollywood, has now explained why he starred in the notorious “Fortune Loves the Brave” advertisement for the cryptocurrency exchange, which was formerly the target of unending ridicule.

Damon gave an interview to the Associated Press on March 27 at the opening of his newest picture. During the interview, he appeared somewhat embarrassed as he revealed the reason he was included in the advertisement. He stated that the primary reason was due to the poor financial situation of his clean water program,, and provided the following explanation: “We had a down year in, and I performed the commercial in an attempt to generate money for”

Gary White, an engineer and philanthropist, and Damon together established the clean water initiative in 2009. It does this by offering low-interest loans that can be used to pay for the purchase of water faucets and toilets, with the ultimate goal of expanding access to clean water on a worldwide scale.

Damon said that he had once donated his whole salary to the nonprofit organization because of the organization’s precarious financial situation. The Hollywood icon went on to state that “ heard about that and they provided $1 million dollars to completely on their own.” After that, the Hollywood icon added, “I absolutely have a lot of thanks to them, and for what they done for our foundation.”

The commercial was released in October of 2021, and had Damon in the lead role. The background of the commercial featured computer recreations of historical figures, such as the Wright brothers and Sir Edmund Hillary. It was shown in advertisements on billboards and television around the world.

Following a disastrous year for cryptocurrencies in 2022, the advertisement was met with significant criticism, and since then, Damon has been the punchline of a number of jokes, including those on the television show South Park and from late-night broadcasters like as Stephen Colbert.


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