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Meme Coins On Bitcoin Blockchain Under Threat As Coders Seek Removal

The future of meme coins is hanging in the balance as coders and validators of the Bitcoin blockchain contemplate their removal. The surge of Bitcoin-based meme coins has led to a significant increase in gas prices, causing concerns among cryptocurrency enthusiasts. This surge resulted in a record-breaking number of transactions and a staggering 11-fold spike in processing fees in May. The influx of meme coins, like the popular Pepe with its frog theme, caused congestion within the blockchain, prompting purists to push for software that can filter out these transactions as spam to prevent network disruptions.

Ali Sherief, a Bitcoin developer, expressed his worries about the system’s exploitation and the potential threat posed by these seemingly worthless tokens to the smooth functioning of the Bitcoin network. Sherief emphasized the urgent need to address this issue and maintain the integrity and utility of the Bitcoin blockchain.

Despite the concerns, a faction of developers and proponents supports the coexistence of meme coins on the Bitcoin blockchain. Bitcoin Ordinals, led by developer Casey Rodarmor, advocates for accommodating NFTs, meme coins, and other digital collectibles within the BTC blockchain ecosystem. Rodarmor’s creation of Ordinals, a platform that allows users to embed various digital content on Satoshis (the smallest unit of Bitcoin), paved the way for the BRC-20 standard and the explosion of meme coins on the Bitcoin blockchain.

However, the debate surrounding meme coins and NFTs raises questions about the fundamental nature of the decentralized Bitcoin network. With no single entity controlling the network, the future course of action against meme coins and NFTs remains uncertain.


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