Meta AI To Add Invisible Watermarks In AI-Generated Images to Prevent Misuse
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Meta AI To Add Invisible Watermarks In AI-Generated Images to Prevent Misuse

  • Meta announced to add invisible watermarks to AI-generated images.
  • The feature aims to enhance transparency by making AI-generated images resilient.

Social media giant, Meta (formerly known as Facebook), has announced an update to Meta AI, its virtual assistant. 

According to the announcement on Wednesday, Meta Platforms will add invisible watermarking to its text-to-image generation product imaging with Meta AI chatbot in the coming weeks to enhance transparency.

“We aim to bring invisible watermarking to many of our products with AI-generated images in the future,” Meta said in a blog post, adding that it is resilient to common image manipulations like cropping, and screenshots, among others.

Over the next few weeks, the company will include an invisible watermark in all images created using artificial intelligence (AI) to prevent the technology from being misused. 

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Meta AI can generate images and content based on user prompts, and the latest watermark feature will make it more difficult for creators to remove the watermark. 

The social media firm rolled out products infused with artificial intelligence (AI) for consumers, including bots that create photo-realistic images and smart glasses that answer questions, in late September.

These watermarks are invisible to the human eye but can be detected using the appropriate models.

The company also plans to introduce this feature to other Meta services that utilize AI-generated images.

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