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Microsoft loses around 100 employees to Meta as the talent hunt intensifies

According to a story in the Wall Street Journal, Microsoft has lost roughly 100 people as a result of Meta’s metaverse program. Big IT companies are vying to be the first significant metaverse project, with Microsoft forming its own Vortex studio.

According to the Wall Street Journal, Microsoft’s augmented reality (AR) branch has lost almost 100 people, the majority of whom have moved to competitor Meta and its metaverse program. The mass flight of staff occurs at a time when established tech companies are contending for market leadership.

The personnel worked on Microsoft’s HoloLens device, an augmented reality headgear that has been used in business applications. As Microsoft continues to enhance the gadget, it has yet to find a place in commercial applications.

According to the Wall Street Journal, the staff gets insterest by better compensation. Meta, formerly Facebook, is one of the metaverse’s most advanced projects. According to recent rumors, Apple has examined the metaverse, but for the time being, it wants to focus on shorter experiences.

Even Disney is in on the act, with a new patent depicting a future metaverse amusement park. Nvidia and Block, originally known as Square, are two more companies in the space.

As VR/AR devices become more inexpensive and more experiences are in play. Therefore, the competition in the industry is heating up. Offerings from both tech businesses and decentralize projects are to in the next years. Thereby, making for an exciting time for enthusiasts.

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