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Mike Novogratz Thinks Bankman-Fried is “Delusional” and Will be Imprisoned.

Because FTX is an unregistered virtual asset operator (cryptocurrency exchange), the authorities in charge of finance are uninterested in both the damage figures and the actions that have been taken.

Customers of domestic bitcoin exchanges who have traded with FTX in accordance with the travel rules are being let go, but these exchanges still have those customers.

It is estimated that over one million people around the world have fallen prey to FTX. It seems that South Korea, Japan, and Singapore have suffered the most from the disaster.

Despite this, victims of FTX in Korea have nowhere to vent their frustrations; all they can do is educate themselves on how the bankruptcy procedure works in the United States or share pieces of information with their community.

I believe it is necessary for you to get an accurate assessment of the damage’s current status in order to devise an appropriate response.

Among the information that Blockmedia gathers is a victim ID that can be uniquely identified (but not an FTX user ID). Email address, name (pseudonym, nickname, or other individually identifying mark), amount of damage, and deposit/withdrawal route are all required.

ID and email are optional forms of communication. If that is the case, we would want to offer you the necessary information for FTX damage recovery, as well as information regarding legal help and policy information.

Under no circumstances will the information that has been gathered be made available to any third parties. It is anticipated that it will be entirely destroyed in March 2023, which is the month in which the FTX insolvency processes are anticipated to be going as planned.

Block Media, which is a media company that covers news pertaining to the digital asset market, is doing everything in its power to promptly offer information and news relating to the FTX situation.

As a natural continuation of that inquiry, this FTX damage status investigation is also being carried out. I would like to try to lighten the burden that the victims are carrying in their hearts. I am grateful to you.

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