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Miss Universe disputes any connection to the just-announced coin concept.

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The Miss Universe Organization has categorically disassociated itself from any involvement with the Miss Universe Coin project, which was announced during the Philippine Blockchain Week (PBW) event earlier this month. PBW has informed us that they are actively engaged with all relevant parties and will release an update shortly.

This project, dubbed “Miss Universe Coin,” made its debut at the PBW event a few weeks ago. Donald Lim, the founder of the organization overseeing PBW, declared during the event that they would “introduce the Miss Universe Coin.” However, a few weeks following this announcement, the official Miss Universe organization declared that it had no connection to the coin project and deemed it fraudulent.

On September 22, the official Miss Universe Facebook page asserted that neither the Miss Universe Organization nor JKN Global Group, the company behind the pageant, had any ties to the coin project unveiled at the PBW event. The organization further stated its intent to explore “all available legal avenues in response to this infringement.”

The organization unequivocally stated, “There is no existing Miss Universe cryptocurrency or blockchain offering, and these products have absolutely no role in the Miss Universe or Miss Universe Philippines pageant voting or selection process.”

A representative from the Miss Universe Organization, in correspondence with Cointelegraph, unequivocally labeled the Miss Universe Coin as a “fraud.” They also expressed concern that this may be publicized at forthcoming blockchain conferences in Dubai and Singapore, urging attendees not to entertain it: “If you come across it at these events, please disregard it; it is fraudulent.”

In a statement posted on X (formerly Twitter), PBW confirmed that it is currently in communication with all relevant parties and will provide an update at the earliest opportunity. While Cointelegraph reached out to the Philippine Blockchain Week, no immediate response was received.

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