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More than 2 million people have downloaded the Louis Vuitton NFT game

In 2021, to commemorate Louis Vuitton’s bicentennial in the fashion business, the elite luxury brand released Louis: The Game, a Louis Vuitton NFT game. As of this writing, it has received over 2 million downloads.

The game has sparked a lot of interest and community interaction around the world, particularly among the brand’s legions of fans and customers.

Louis : The Game

Louis: The Game is a computer game in which the player begins in Asnières, where the Louis Vuitton family home may be found, and then travels to Los Angeles. In the coming months, further information about these improvements will be released.

Vivienne is the avatar character in Louis: The Game who will assist you learn about it. Players can assist Vivienne on her journey by collecting NFT postcards and visiting various spots in famous cities like Paris and London.

LV NFT Game Has New Features

The LV NFT game is currently expanding its version to include exciting new features such as celebrity NFTs and new locations. High in the Sky and Radiant City are two additional levels available to players who have successfully completed the game. There are ten NFTs to win on these levels.

Vivienne is now embarking on a trip to learn more about Louis Vuitton’s illustrious past. As she explores, she learns more and his trips to Paris, as well as his humble beginnings learning the fundamentals of creating and selling handmade trunks.

Louis Vuitton-style slaying of the NFT space

The current version of The Game includes ten new Vivienne NFTs, two new locales, and more challenges to keep Louis Vuitton fans entertained.

Wenew Labs, Mike Winkelmann, and Beeple are among the 10 new NFTs in the current version, which include outstanding artwork from some of the most renowned and popular artists in the NFT industry. In the digital canvass, Louis Vuitton is undoubtedly murdering it and changing the art and NFT gaming landscape.

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