Move Aside ChatGPT, Make Way for ChatBTC ─ the AI Bitcoin Chatbot!

A freshly unveiled artificial intelligence (AI) solution called ChatBTC, developed by Chaincode Labs, has stepped onto the scene, aiming to serve as an authoritative wellspring of information. This development stands in stark contrast to the broader, occasionally imprecise responses one might encounter through the much-discussed AI platform, ChatGPT.


No longer do fervent Bitcoin enthusiasts find themselves delving into the labyrinthine depths of Bitcoin Stack Exchange or navigating the intricacies of the Bitcoin-dev mailing list in pursuit of technical insights about the preeminent blockchain technology. The ubiquitous quest for answers is further underscored by the commonplace recourse to ChatGPT, the celebrated Q&A tool nurtured by OpenAI.


However, this familiar avenue is not devoid of potential pitfalls. The inception of reliable and attributable knowledge can prove challenging, opening doors to concerns of uncredited data and the looming specter of both plagiarism and information that’s either outdated or factually amiss.


And with the AI hype intensifying ever since the birth of ChatGPT, Microsoft’s Bing, Google’s Bard, Elon Musk’s xAI, and many others have jumped on the same bandwagon, afraid to be left behind. Likewise, there are numerous companies that welcome ChatGPT-integration with open arms.


So What is ChatBTC?
This fledgling endeavour by Chaincode Labs, aptly named ChatBTC, surfaced merely a week ago. Diverging from the broader spectrum of ChatGPT, ChatBTC charts an intriguing course, fuelled by meticulous curation. Art Assoiants, the adept Product Manager at Chaincode Labs, elucidates that this nascent service derives its essence from a meticulously selected and validated collection of Bitcoin resources, “It’s for people who want high confidence in not just the quality of responses, but where those ideas come from…ChatBTC is based on a curated set of high-signal resources that have been the traditional hosts of in-depth technical discourse.”


Drawing from the very bedrock that underpins the, another innovation from Chaincode Labs, ChatBTC demonstrates an intricate interplay with a multitude of Bitcoin-focused sources. The intellect it wields is woven from the tapestry of resources such as Bitcoin Stack Exchange, Bitcoin Talk, the Bitcoin-dev and Lightning-dev mailing lists, Bitcoin Optech, Bitcoin Transcripts, and a curated selection of blogs.


As this novel service takes its initial steps, it is accompanied by the insights of Adam Jonas, the stalwart Head of Special Projects at Chaincode Labs. It is noteworthy that ChatBTC’s journey is still in its alpha phase, laying the foundation for captivating speculation about the trajectory that lies ahead. Adam posted on X that, “Please have mercy on this alpha…There is a feedback form at the bottom if you’d like to help us improve. Not all the answers are 100% accurate.”

Stepping onto the platform’s homepage, users are welcomed by a familiar chat interface, reminiscent of ChatGPT’s interactive format. A vertical exploration of the page unveils a fascinating array of options, inviting users to embark on intriguing interactions. For those in search of general information, a virtual feline, aptly dubbed “Holocat,” is poised to engage in conversation as seen below from a screenshot.


Venturing further, users encounter a unique feature that introduces a captivating twist to the conversation. Here, the opportunity to engage with the wisdom of Bitcoin aficionados takes center stage. By selecting an avatar embodying their preferred Bitcoin guru, users unlock the portal to a world of insights. The allure lies in the fact that these avatars channel the perspectives and wisdom of real-life Bitcoin Core contributors. Presently, the triumvirate of Matt Corallo, Andrew Chow, and Greg Maxwell spearheads this domain, underscoring their stature as prominent voices within the Bitcoin landscape.

When I gave it a go, the below was what I encountered instead.

In a Youtube video, a Chaincode Labs’ narrator stated that, “If you want to learn about partially signed Bitcoin transactions from the inventor of partially signed Bitcoin transactions, we can do that for you… It’s sort of hard to make this hallucinate.”

Diverging from the approach of ChatGPT, ChatBTC carves a unique path when it comes to access. While a free version is not in the equation, the cost of engagement remains remarkably affordable. The mechanics are simple: after posing a few queries, users encounter a nominal fee, a mere 50 satoshis or “sats” per prompt. A bit of context reveals that these sats are the smallest units within the blockchain ecosystem, with one bitcoin comprising 100 million sats.


A notable facet of ChatBTC’s infrastructure is its payment interface, an innovative realm that embraces the obscure yet promising web standard called L402. This standard, now configured to facilitate bitcoin payments, shines a spotlight on the convergence of technology and finance.


Setting a New Standard for Precision and Authorship in the World of AI-Powered Knowledge Tools
In this dynamic landscape, Chaincode Labs’ new AI innovation raises a series of intriguing questions. What technical intricacies does the convergence of obscure web standards and cryptocurrency payments entail? Will it set a new standard for precision and authorship in the world of AI-powered knowledge tools?

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