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NASDEX, The First Asia-focused DEX, to be launched on Starter

Launchpad for many blockchains, powered by the community Starter announces the launch of NASDEX’s Initial Dex Offering (IDO). The IDO allows users to trade tokenized equities on the blockchain through a minting and trading process.


NASDEX aims to bridge the gap between crypto and regular stock exchanges. Additionally, it aims to address issues such as geography and portfolio management. Moreover, also the fact that investors may only purchase but not sell equities on existing stock exchanges.

The Asia-focused DEX seeks to break down obstacles such as geographical restrictions and time-consuming KYC processes. Therefore, allowing traders and investors to sell tokenized equities, trade 24 hours a day, and acquire fractional shares of their favourite stocks. NASDEX would also reimburse traders for their gas costs by paying them with liquidity awards and minting. NASDEX will be the first Asia-focused DEX on the market, in addition to better investor experience and innovative DeFi capabilities.

Asian Focused DEX

“Cryptocurrencies, as an asset class, are snowballing. However, lack investment options offered by traditional institutions with equities and bonds,” said Lionel Iruk, Special Counsel at Starter. “As a trade-off, financial institutions are lacking the technology that is pushing forward DeFi and blockchain. NASDEX can bridge and diversify, letting users have both of best worlds as they continue on their investment journey.”

NASDEX would first focus on tokenized Asian equities trading for Asian investors, with market size of around $30 trillion. Additionally, NASDEX also integrates global stock markets, which have a combined market capitalization of over $100 trillion. The $NSDX coins will be available for purchase for $0.025.

From Crypto World To Real World

“Crypto projects are spreading from the crypto world into the real world with the corresponding expansion of total addressable market (TAM) and investment returns for all involved,” said Josh Du, Chief Investment Officer at NASDEX. “Innovations in DeFi and blockchain can add brand new features onto traditional asset classes. NASDEX’s focus to bridge the crypto world and the Asian equity world will create a much-needed product for this large and untapped market.”

By linking their wallets to the DEX, customers will be able to trade, invest, and manage both their stock and crypto positions on a single platform.

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