NEAR Protocol Soared Over 17% as Total Open Interest Hits $117.8 Million
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NEAR Protocol Soared Over 17% as Total Open Interest Hits $117.8 Million

NEAR Protocol (NEAR) has experienced a substantial surge of 17.72% in the last 24 hours, pushing its current price to $3.34. 

Near Protocol Price Chart | Source: Coinstats


The cryptocurrency’s trading volume has concurrently spiked by an impressive 173.49%, reaching $483.15 million. 

Moreover, its market capitalization has seen a notable 18.06% increase, standing at $2.86 billion.

This surge in both price and trading activity suggests a heightened level of market participation and investor interest in the NEAR protocol. 

The cryptocurrency, known for its unique approach to blockchain technology, places a strong emphasis on scalability and user-friendly decentralized applications (dApps).

This recent price surge and the subsequent increase in trading volume could be indicative of growing confidence and enthusiasm within the cryptocurrency community regarding NEAR’s recent collaborations, technological features and potential use cases. 

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Increased investor interest Data obtained from Coinalyze provides additional insights, indicating a robust 47.18% increase in NEAR’s total open interest (OI) over the last 24 hours, reaching an impressive $117.8 million. 

Delving deeper into the distribution, Binance leads the pack with $69.6 million in open interest, closely followed by Bybit at $30.2 million and OKX at $13 million. 

Other platforms contribute to the remaining open interest. 

While the surge in total open interest points toward heightened investor activity, it is essential to note that the specific breakdown between short and long positions remains unclear at this time. 

This lack of detailed information adds an element of mystery to the current market sentiment surrounding the NEAR protocol. 

Investors and analysts alike will be closely monitoring the market dynamics of NEAR in the coming days to gauge the sustainability of its recent gains. 

The cryptocurrency’s performance may provide valuable insights into broader market trends, especially as the crypto landscape continues to evolve and adapt. 

Overall, NEAR’s upward trajectory positions it as a key player to watch in the competitive cryptocurrency space.

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