Latest News Press Release

Neoki is Revolutionising the Design and Creativity in the Digital Matrix with DeMa, the decentralized platform, rewriting the rules of the digital landscape with its visionary Decentralized Matrix (DeMa). At its core, DeMa is more than a platform; it’s a paradigm shift in the world of design and creativity, aiming to democratize digital interaction and redefine the user experience.


A Matrix Beyond Imagination


Neoki DeMa operates on a revolutionary multi-dimensional, interconnected matrix, setting it apart from traditional linear blockchain networks. Metaverses, marketplaces, digital assets, and Decentralized Autonomous Organizations (DAOs) intricately link together in this complex matrix. The result? A richer, more immersive user experience where actions ripple through dimensions, creating a dynamic and interconnected digital ecosystem mirroring the complexity of the real world.


Building Communities and DAOs


Neoki brings forth a vision of true democratization by empowering users to build communities and DAOs. Each member has a stake in decision-making, ensuring that every voice is heard. Neoki DeMa transforms decentralized infrastructure into a vibrant, participatory space where the community takes center stage.


Multi Metaverse: A World of Possibilities


Imagine multiple interconnected virtual worlds, each with its own rules, environments, and user populations. Neoki’s “Multi Metaverse” concept brings this vision to life, allowing users to create a single avatar or digital identity that seamlessly traverses multiple verses. This unprecedented freedom empowers users to build and govern their own branded verses, fostering creativity without boundaries.


Nikonomy: Shaping the Future of Virtual Economies


Enter Nikonomy, a multi-layered economic model designed by Neoki DeMa. This innovative system features a two-tiered currency approach. The base currency forms the foundation, widely accepted throughout the ecosystem, while the interface currency operates within specific applications or verses, adapting to varying values. Nikonomy not only grants financial freedom to Metaverse users but also enables verses to construct their own branded economy 



Neoki Token Launch on MEXC and BitMart


In a momentous stride towards global accessibility, the Neoki Token (NKO) is set to launch on MEXC and BitMart, two leading cryptocurrency exchanges. This exciting development opens up new avenues for the Neoki community, providing broader visibility and accessibility within the vibrant crypto ecosystem.


As Neoki continues to redefine the digital landscape, it’s not just a platform; it’s a promise of boundless creativity, community empowerment, and financial freedom within a decentralized matrix.

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