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New Ethereum Protocol “Ethscriptions” Offers Users an Alternative Path to NFT Creation

Ethereum users now have a fresh opportunity to generate non-fungible tokens (NFTs) and other digital assets on the blockchain with the introduction of a new protocol. “Ethscriptions,” launched on June 17, aims to revolutionize the minting process by utilizing Ethereum’s “calldata” feature, offering a more decentralized and cost-effective approach. Developed by Tom Lehman, co-founder of, the protocol has already gained significant traction, with thousands of Ethscriptions created within hours of its launch.

Introducing Ethscriptions: A New Ethereum Protocol for NFT Creation:

The Ethereum community has welcomed a groundbreaking protocol, “Ethscriptions,” as an innovative avenue for producing non-fungible tokens (NFTs) and digital assets on the blockchain. Developed by Tom Lehman, the co-founder of, who goes by the pseudonym Middlemarch on Twitter, Ethscriptions offers users a more affordable and decentralized process for minting assets than traditional smart contract-based methods.

Rapid Adoption and Success of Ethscriptions:

With an impressive debut, Lehman proudly shared the news of Ethscriptions’ launch on June 17, hailing it as a “huge success” on Twitter. Within just 18 hours, nearly 30,000 Ethscriptions were created, showcasing the community’s enthusiasm for this novel protocol. Lehman attributed the swift uptake to using Ethereum’s “calldata” feature, enabling a more streamlined and cost-effective minting process.

Current Limitations and Future Potential:

Currently, Ethscriptions only support image-based inscriptions, with a maximum file size of 96 kilobytes. However, Lehman plans to expand the protocol’s capabilities to accommodate various file types. This will give users greater flexibility and creative possibilities when minting their assets.

Ethereum Punks: A Prominent Ethscriptions Project:

One standout project that gained significant attention within the Ethscriptions ecosystem is “Ethereum Punks,” the brainchild of Tom Lehman. This collection of 10,000 assets received an overwhelmingly positive response from the community, with all the assets claimed almost instantaneously. The high user activity surrounding the project temporarily caused the API interface for the official Ethscriptions website to crash.

Comparisons to Bitcoin Ordinals and Future Potential:

While Ethscriptions has already enjoyed early success, it remains to be seen whether it will attain the same level of popularity as Bitcoin Ordinals. The Bitcoin protocol experienced a rapid surge in activity, with ten million inscribed assets created in less than six months. However, given Ethereum’s pre-existing infrastructure for NFT and asset creation, Ethscriptions holds the potential to carve its own unique path within the blockchain ecosystem.

The launch of Ethscriptions, a pioneering protocol on the Ethereum blockchain, has introduced users to a more affordable and decentralized approach to NFT creation. Tom Lehman’s brainchild has gained significant traction, with thousands of Ethscriptions generated within hours of its launch. As the protocol evolves and expands its capabilities, the Ethereum community eagerly awaits the creation of diverse digital assets. While Ethscriptions embarks on its journey, observing its growth and impact within the blockchain landscape will be intriguing, offering users a fresh avenue for engaging with NFTs and digital collectibles.


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