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Newcomer Pixels Plunges 18% Wiping Out Launch Day Profits



  • The popular blockchain game Pixels introduced its token on February 19, experiencing a surge followed by an 18% drop despite optimism about its future. 


  • NuggetRush gains momentum as analysts tout it as a top meme coin with the potential for significant gains.


  • NuggetRush offers a unique play-to-earn experience merging gold mining, cryptocurrency, and real-world benefits.


The team behind the popular blockchain farming and social game Pixels (PIXEL) debuted its token on February 19 after conducting several play-to-airdrop campaigns and participating in a Binance Launchpool rewards program. Following the listing of PIXEL on the Binance crypto exchange, the token’s price surged by 17%. After the initial rally, the token’s value dropped by 18%, wiping out the PIXEL profits during its launch day.

Meanwhile, another altcoin making significant strides is NuggetRush (NUGX), with some analysts touting it as one of the top meme coins to consider with the potential for exponential gains. NuggetRush strives to offer an engaging and impactful gaming experience by blending entertainment, skill, and tangible real-world advantages. 

Players are rewarded with valuable in-game assets through the game while supporting artisanal miners in less developed nations. Let’s explore NuggetRush as a potential altcoin for significant gains and Pixel declining by 18% as it erases its launch gains.

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NuggetRush (NUGX): Merging Exploration and Strategic Decision-Making for Tangible Real-World Rewards

NuggetRush, a new DeFi crypto built on the widely used Ethereum blockchain, ensures broad accessibility for users to engage with the ecosystem and partake in the game. This platform has the potential to yield maximum gain due to its integration of gold mining, cryptocurrency, and real-world artisanal mining in a unique play-to-earn game. This gaming experience merges the excitement of exploration and strategic decision-making with the potential for tangible real-world rewards. 

As one of the best altcoins to invest in, NUGX’s attractiveness hinges on its play-to-earn feature, collectible memes, and captivating visuals. Players engage in gameplay by overseeing their mining venture, beginning with a modest parcel of land and essential tools. They traverse a meticulously crafted virtual world, scouting for regions with valuable minerals.

One feature driving its potential for substantial profit is how GameFi revolutionized converting gaming rewards into real-world assets. Players can earn rewards via different channels, including tournaments, quests, battles, and ranked play, irrespective of their skill level or location. The game strives to position itself as the best DeFi crypto and an autonomous, income-generating community.


This new DeFi crypto partnership with gold providers makes its platform more appealing for investors seeking high returns in the market. These partnerships enable the direct shipment of RUSHGEM winnings to a miner’s chosen location. This strategy enhances the game as the best DeFi crypto to buy by offering tangible and esteemed rewards that hold significant value and create lasting memories.

With its NFT staking platform, NFT holders commit their assets to the system, much like traditional staking, to earn rewards based on the annual percentage yield (APY) and the number of NFTs staked. It’s important to note that NFT holders cannot sell their NFTs while staked. Also, NuggetRush contributes to society by directing a portion of the rewards and proceeds from in-game purchases toward supporting artisanal miners in underdeveloped countries. 

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Pixels (PIXEL): A Social Casual Web3 Farming Game

The blockchain farming game Pixels is seeing a significant surge in activity, achieving a trading volume exceeding $1 billion as of February 20. Developed on the Ronin Network, this engaging social casual Web3 game utilizes PIXEL for internal transactions, governance, and participation in various in-game activities. 


Within the Pixels game, players employ PIXEL coins, the premium currency, to enrich their gaming experience through character purchases, upgrades, and customizations.

Following the introduction of its PIXEL token, the blockchain game Pixels initially experienced a 17% surge in value but subsequently plummeted by 18%, erasing its market gains. Despite this setback, analysts remain optimistic about the future of Pixels. 

As previously reported by, Pixels disclosed a 20 million PIXEL airdrop for users who staked Ronin’s RON token, further encouraging engagement with the network.



Despite Pixels’ plummeting price, experts anticipate a further surge given its unique proposition. On the other hand, NuggetRush is gaining traction as a substantial investment for those looking to boost their portfolios. Among the altcoins on the market, NuggetRush distinguishes itself with its unique play-to-earn game that incorporates real-world rewards. For those who want to maximize profit in 2024, investing in NUGX could be the best decision. With the presale ongoing, you can seize this opportunity by purchasing the token via the website.


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