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Nexo, Crypto Lender Rolls Out NFT Lending Desk

So, This week, Crypto Lender, Nexo rolls out a lending desk for offering liquidity to NFT owners using their NFTs as collateral.

Notably, according to the company’s blog, Nexo notes that NFT owners can get “instant liquidity without having to sell your precious NFTs.”

Currently, the firm is accepting NFTs from two collections Bored Ape Yacht Club and Cryptopunks.

Of course, Nexo notes the company will add other collections to the list of accepted NFTs. In terms of credit withdrawals. Whereby, Nexo customers can make stablecoins withdrawals, ethereum (ETH), and other digital assets.

“Borrow up to 20% of the value of your BAYC or Cryptopunks without selling them,”

Then, Nexo continues.

“No Credit Checks [and] prompt loan approval without the hassle of credit scores and inquiries,”

So, the lender explains.
Additionally, Nexo confirms that the NFT lending process will be a “white-glove service,”
with “no liquidations before maturity, even if the value of your NFT…”
“fluctuates during the course of the loan, you won’t get liquidated.”

“Our NFT Lending Desk and art financing functionalities are just the beginning of Nexo NFT…”
“and metafi journey, with more investment-grade products, accessible, secure,…”
“and high-profit exposure to the NFT market coming to our product suite soon,”

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