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NFT joke gone wrong: Collector loses $150K

In a joke bid gone wrong, NFT whale Franklin lost 100 wrapped Ethereum amounting $ 150,000 for an Ethereum Name Service domain.

The bid was accepted before Franklin could take any action to cancel it.

On Tuesday, Franklin, Bored Ape NFT Whale asked his followers on Twitter, “What phrase or meme do you want me to have the ens bot tweet out as a .eth address with a 100 WETH bid? Lol I would have to mint the ENS address myself too.”

After this, Franklin registered “stop-doing-fake-bids-its-honestly-lame-my-guy.eth” using a different wallet and placed a 100 WETH bid from his main wallet.

What happened next came as a surprise to him. He received an offer of 1.9 WETH for the ENS domain. However, he forgot to cancel out his last 100 WETH offer for the same ENS name losing $ 150,000.

The NFT whale is now trying to recover his 100WETH by refunding the 1.9WETH he got from the ENS domain sale.

ENS or Ethereum Name Service is a famous niche in the NFT space. It is a distributed, open and extendible naming system based on the Ethereum blockchain. It is a decentralized naming for websites and wallets.

On July 3, Domain name 000. eth was sold for 300ETH, amounting to $315,000 approximately.

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