July 23, 2024
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NFT Moss Sells Out in Under an Hour on Amazon


Moss NFT, the assets created to aid in the Amazon’s recovery, sold out in under an hour. The NFT, created by the Brazilian company Moss.Earth, aims to assist investors in protecting a small portion of the Amazon jungle. The company also has a strong track record of working with significant corporations that fight for climate justice, such as Brazilian airline GOL.

Moss. Earth has purchased land in the Amazon rainforest and tokenized it to allow investors to care for it. Moss NFT tokens sold out in just one hour. It also claims to have saved approximately 735 million trees in the forest. It goes on to say that the trees were saved thanks to internationally recognized and audited efforts.

However, they believe it is insufficient and wish to further up their efforts to protect the environment. To attain their purpose, they devised the NFT project. An NFT, which has already sold out, will symbolize each piece of land’s rights. The asset enables all interested parties to participate in the forest’s preservation.

Moss seeks to save the Amazon ecology by collaborating with individuals all across the world. The assets available for a pre-sale round on OpenSea, and they sold out in under an hour.

Despite the fact that the assets sold out in under an hour, registration for the next round of sales is still open. The Amazon NFT is one of the few real-life applications among the many worthless NFTs on the market. The asset allows investors to ‘own’ a piece of the Amazon, according to the OpenSea page, and it is not just a fundraising tool.

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