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NFT Of The World Wide Web’s Source Code, Gets Sold For $5.4M At An Auction

NFT Of The World Wide Web’s Source Code, Gets Sold For $5.4M At An Auction

An NFT created by the inventor of the World Wide Web sold for over $5.4million at Sotheby’s online auction. This blockchain-based token consists of the source code for the World Wide Web. In addition to that, it is written and ‘minted’ by the inventor and founder of WWW himself, Tim Berners-Lee.

Contents Of The NFT

The NFT represents various digital items and their ownership, from almost three decades. Keep in mind, they did not sell the World Wide Web. On the other hand, it was a record of ownership of the source code from 1989. The purchase includes around 9,555 lines of code, a 30 -minute visualization, in addition to a digital poster of the code. The purchase also consists of a digital letter written by Tim Berners-Lee, looking back on his ground-breaking invention.

Excerpt From The Letter

“As people seemed to appreciate autographed versions of books, now we have NFT technology, I thought it could be fun to make an autographed copy of the original code of the first web browser.”

The Value Of the NFT

Cassandra Hatton, the global head of science and popular culture at Sotheby’s mentions that it’s the symbolism and the history behind such an iconic invention, and the fact that Berners-Lee minted it by himself, makes this particular NFT extremely valuable. Above all, the fact that most of the bidders were first-timers at Sotheby’s, backs up what Cassandra mentioned.

The Assets Of The Future

Sotheby’s has been a driving force in pushing and embracing blockchain-based assets. Therefore, the sale of this NFT is one of the many moves to popularise the assets of the future.

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