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NFTs Exclusive Collection On Puppy Bowl and Chronicle Collaboration

As the digital asset field expands, new applications for blockchain, the technology that underpins this asset class, emerge. NFTs have been one of the most popular applications of this technology in recent years.

These tokens have become extremely valuable, with around $41 billion transacted on NFT exchanges alone in 2021.

The NFT obsession continues on its rising trend as Discovery Inc. enters the fray with their own collection for the Puppy Bowl, a pre-Super Bowl event in which pups compete in football.

Each Puppy Bowl NFT features a unique design with graphic references to the Puppy Bowl. The Orange Twins Rescue, an animal rescue charity founded by superstar pop diva Ariana Grande and brothers Scott and Brian Nicholson, will get a share of the earnings from the NFTs.

More information on the Puppy Bowl NFT Collection can be here…
There are 23 special NFTs in the NFT collection, with costs ranging from $20 to $500 each digital playing card. To limit the tokens’ carbon impact, the NFTs run on a proof-of-stake blockchain.

Lastly, The drops are into four groups:

Free Common Cards – As the name implies, this part is for free and served as the start of the collection.

Common Cards – Moby and Dinozzo, the captains of Team Fluff and Team Ruff, are featured on cards in this drop.

Rare Cards – There are cards in this drop that feature puppies in the starting lineup. There is an additional bonus card available if you collect all eight pups from Team Ruff and Team Fluff.

Legendary Cards — The rarest set in the game, featuring virtual pets. Only ten of each “Fluff 2022 Cryptopuppy” and “Ruff 2022 Cryptopuppy” will be available.

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